When emotions contradict…

              There are times in our life when our emotions contradict. They are so confused as to decide where a moment is a sad or a happy one! How many of you face such emotions?

              I Do. A lot of times. Like this one.

              A son, a brother, a friend going for further studies out of town, away from home. The one who has never left home, alone, for more than a week is now heading to spend two years in one of the top B schools! All on his own! I have tears in my eyes even as I write this. However, the tears cannot define themselves. Are they tears of happiness that he’s moving a step forward to achieve his dream or they are of sadness that I’ll have to wait for weekends to hear his occasional laughter or see his dimpled face? I am happy to think that he’s secured admission in one of the topmost B schools for which he had worked his ass off! Sadness strikes back to think how lonely mom would be when she realises that she won’t be awaiting his return from office and scolding him to put his tiffin for washing or to turn the music volume lower. When dad won’t get a chance to debate with him! When I won’t be meeting him for paan day in and day out. When an embrace is all I need when I am not well!  When Neil will not have anyone to play carrom with! When friends will not have their Saturday night hero!

             Some things in life can never be thanked for enough!! And my brother, for me, is one such gift! I can write no further. Often emotions choke you so much that words cease to exist! All I have to say is…. Love u loads and you’ll be missed, Vinit! And ya, you are a rockstar! Wish you loads of luck for the exciting new journey to begin! Weekends will be eagerly awaited… Do remember little gifts for me when you are dropping by!!! 😛 Love you kid! You are my brightest star and you will always be. No one, I repeat, NO ONE can even come close to what you mean to me! God bless!

             Sorry, I have this silly habit of getting all emotionally worked up and spilling it when I write! What a waste to spoil such a proud moment! I am proud of what Vinit is, today and he is the one who will always make me proud, whether or not an MBA, whether or not an engineer, he is the best at what God sent him to be. And that is being an S3 – Shweta’s Support System!! 😛


About Shweta

An ambitious professional who loves working in a corporate as much as she loves spending time with family. Pursues writing as a passion and writes for stuff that closely touch the heart!
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7 Responses to When emotions contradict…

  1. Vinit Gandhi says:

    choked..sad..hopeful for a turn of events..jus wish dat i make the most of it..THE MOST.. and that MOST is then valued..love u loads dida..i ll miss the paan too 😛


  2. Deeti Sirodaria says:

    Superb shwets.. Ya vinit we all miss u..:|


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