2013 – The Year in Rearview

I had started this post on the 1st day of 2014, and here I am publishing it after eons! No, I have not suddenly turned into a super slow coach (thankfully) but I have been super busy. I have been bombarded with work at office and with socials on weekend. I am breathing hard even as I publish this but have been meaning to do a post on reviewing 2013. Sounds old? Yeah! But I simply had to publish it since I already had toiled and was halfway publishing it before the busy bug bit me. So without wasting much more time, here I go.

  • 2013 passed in a blur. It had been a great year, albeit a really busy one. It made me older, mellowed me down a bit (I think), made me a lot more mature and gave me lots to gain. Including weight, yes! That has to be the most prominent gain of the year!! 😛
  • One thing that will never make me forget this year is this blog. I started blogging after insistence of The Brother. I had always shied away from penning down my feelings. I never knew I could maintain a blog and stay committed to it. He was sure of me, more than I was! And with 60 posts in 9 months, I can rate his surety as pretty decent. The Brother has a role to play in all the great things that happen to me, including this blog and Mr. Husband! *thankful beyond words*
  • Come February, and it was already our first wedding anniversary which was spent fabulously in Goa. The pristine beaches and the carefree attitude of the people had a liberating feel. Amazing holiday it was, apart from the infamous drowning episode. *Goosebumps*
  • I changed my job of two years. Tears cloud my eyes when I recollect the ordeal I had gone through detaching from people I loved and worked with for two years! Easily getting attached to people has its own downturns. *heartbreak*
  • The Brother had to move to Pune for his further studies. A step towards his future, he had worked his ass off to get there. But when he secured a place, I was disheartened. We never had to live without his irritating self around. Believe me, it was nothing less of a heartbreak. I missed him so much. I still do, but there is peace is the fact that he has found a niche for himself and is doing well. Also, it’s just 1.5 years more before he is back to irritate. Yay! *high five*
  • Got drugged. Hey!! Not hard drugs. But I got intoxicated with bhaang during Holi. Had a horrible experience of being in a trance. I am NEVER doing it again. *crosses heart*
  • We relocated our home.  And God was it taxing? It was tiring and exasperating! Around the same time there was a shifting of my office premises which added to the woes. Out of breath got a new meaning. Adding to it were the commuting issues to the new workplace. The less said about it, the better it is! *phewww*
  • Got rid of the Hydrophobia which I had acquired during the Goa Holiday. It took a fabulous gang, too much will power, a weekend outing and a white water rafting session to overcome the fear. And was it worth? Totally!! *grins*

So, here was an overview of the year gone by. Finally managed to publish it! Phew. I could have gone on and on and on, but then better sense prevailed and I pressed ‘publish’

Stick around. See you soon!!


About Shweta

An ambitious professional who loves working in a corporate as much as she loves spending time with family. Pursues writing as a passion and writes for stuff that closely touch the heart!
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4 Responses to 2013 – The Year in Rearview

  1. parul shiradaria says:

    so much happened in just a year !!!!
    a happy n happening year indeed….


  2. hemangfans says:

    u forgot one more thing …. Welcoming of Lord Ganesha :). Over all u had a pretty good 2013.


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