Of Monsoons and growing up….

                  Since I was a kid, monsoons never ceased to amaze me. It is by far, the most beautiful season of the year. The smell of rains, the sound of raindrops and the rainbows are the most amazing sights! They mesmerize me to no end. As a kid, when we went to school, the bus being delayed was an excuse for us to splash water on friends and play in the mud pool. Being dirty never mattered back then. Those innocent giggles and rain drenched faces! Oh, I so miss them! College meant rainy seasons spent in canteen and on the beach nearby! And now, with office, a walk on the Nariman point is a picturesque scene not worth missing! Rains make me go all nature loving and mushy!

                  But every happy thing changes somewhere when you are all grown up and mature. Let me, for instance add bullets to my issues during monsoons:

  • I JUST hate when commuting is a problem during monsoons. Like where do the auto rickshaws suddenly disappear? They used to swarm around and go all honk honk honk, but now, when you are all swollen eyed, running late for office and the skies have decided to empty all of its day’s quota, you don’t find one bloody single rickshawala!!! And all you can do is AAaaaarrghhhh!!!
  • Next, the great MUMBAI ROADS. Is it just my imagination or the pot holes do multiply by infinite every year? We deal with all the road construction taking place round the year, with the hope of a better monsoon; but the “new” roads cannot even bear the wrath of the first rain of the season and we are blessed with knee-deep water logging!
  • Also, the streets are so clean (irony intended) that the water logging brings with itself all sorts of amazing sights like plastic floating, drainage issues, dirt and yuck coming out from everywhere on roads!!! And to say that we live in an ultra modern ‘metro’ 😛
  • Trains. How can rain and trains be not part of the same sentence? Delays, derails and cancellations are all given as free surprises to the ‘all-drenched out’, ‘already running late’ and ‘in the nick of time’ working people!
  • What’s more, you are not even at peace inside the house. The litter, the flies, the dampness all add to a housemaker’s woes. Suddenly there is dearth of brightness in the house. The washed clothes refuse to dry themselves. The whole process of washing-drying-ironing gets disturbed and there are pile ons. The maids decide to go on indefinite holidays, the cleaning process multifolds and much much more!

Gosh! How easily does a beautiful dream turn to a nightmare when you grow up!! Why…oh why is growing up such a pain??!!! 😐


About Shweta

An ambitious professional who loves working in a corporate as much as she loves spending time with family. Pursues writing as a passion and writes for stuff that closely touch the heart!
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6 Responses to Of Monsoons and growing up….

  1. rajvi says:

    totally agree wid entire blog…bt uo last 2lines are vry true..loved it


  2. hemangfans says:

    Rains bring relief to heat and we feel happy to have the first rains after a long long never ending summers. But rains do create havoc also. It can disrupte life too. Uttaranchal is the latest victim of rains. But yes I do agree views changes as time passes by.


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