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Bringing in the fourth year…

We celebrated the third birthday of our wedding a couple of days back. THREE. A big number. Mr. Husband was in his most unusual form and I couldn’t have asked for a better anniversary. He is the one who isn’t … Continue reading

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4 days. 1200 kilometers. 8 stops and lots of FAITH. No, this is not any trekking expedition that I am describing. Instead, this is the summary of our pilgrimage every single year. This time we covered one extra stop since … Continue reading

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Jullay from the land of Gompas!!

Too much happiness is making me gibberish. The title translates to “welcome to the land of monasteries” For the unawares, I am just back from the much anticipated trip of Ladakh. And boy, was it fun?! I don’t have an … Continue reading

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Lonavala and more of it…

The one little destination to which I have already travelled thrice in the current year. It never ceases to amuse me. Each visit has a special memory attached and have given tons of pleasing moments. Now I know, where I … Continue reading

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White Water Rafting..

Mesmerizing. Breathtaking. Enchanting. Fulfilling. Enticing. These adjectives may not be fully able to justify the experience I had at Kolad with White Water Rafting. High time that I realized there was just so much that I wanted to do!! Wanted to go … Continue reading

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Commuting Woes

Now I know, what it means to travel in Mumbai at peak hours. Not that I did not know before, but it had never been so ruthless (atleast with me) and thus I was unaware of the plight. Picture this: … Continue reading

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The Wonderland Feeling….

               Now I know what it is to be like in a dream… We had this user training to attend for an advanced American Software in their plush office Mumbai! I was accompanying a colleague and my boss to the venue. … Continue reading

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When a memory is etched for a lifetime!

10th May, 2008, 4:27 A.M.                 The time is dug in my memory. Normally people tend to remember pleasant things happened to them. Well, for me you can say this was the day when I had the worst accident in … Continue reading

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A Brush with Death

               It happened in Goa this year. We went for a vacation in February with our cousins. The hotel we stayed in had a private pool. One afternoon we went for a dip and … Continue reading

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