Last post of the year!

December 2014 has seen a social hectic high in my life. I have been in and out of 3 close weddings and almost a dozen of pre-wedding functions. This more than explains my absence on the blog. Most of the times I was making my lazy self run from one function to another with Mr. Husband tagging along in equal misery and at other times I was too drained to jumble up a post. But I will be honest to admit that how much ever stressful and tiring these functions were, I was equally elated that I had quite too many breaks from preparing meals to meet people and friends and dance on the tunes of garba unendingly! Also henna adored my hands for most part of the month. One of the things I totally love about weddings. Mehndi painted hands!

In between attending one more function and planning for our 31st party, I mustered up the will power to type this one out because there are phenomenal events needing to be recorded. I wanted to do it before the year ends. Everything else can wait. Events that will make me smile when I read my blog archives for 2014. And events which gave 2014, a larger than life presence in my life!

Now now… Let me try and cut down all the hype and tell you what these events were. One magnum opus was that my parents shifted to finally where they belong. I had done a post about it here. After 3 torturous months of looking after the interiors of the house, infinite arguments about the color of the walls, furniture fittings etcetera etcetera, the parents finally moved to their most prized possession! And boy is the house grand?! Literally it’s my dad’s palace made with all his hard work and ambition. Mom makes it a home with her perfect organizational skills and being a cleanliness freak. And The Brother – how can one forget his contribution! He fills in the four walls with his chatter and laughter! I cannot miss mentioning the constant shuttling he did between Mumbai and Pune (where he is post graduating), for making this house what it is! Myself and Mr. Husband played silent players in this contribution!

Speaking of The Brother, the other news is that he finally got engaged to his sweetheart of quite a few years. Theirs is a love story straight out of a Karan Johar movie with the ups and downs and finally a happy ending! My to-be sister in law is a very dear friend who incidentally is also a Rakhi Sister to Mr. Husband. And I thought complex relations happen only to others! Hee hee! She is such a sugar lump, that I am pretty sure to miss out on all the-warzone-with-sister-in-laws. No one is complaining though! I love them both to bits the feeling is almost like being on cloud 9!

We had decided to have an intimate function with close family and friends for their roka (read: commitment) ceremony. But trust my dad and his grandeur. He went ahead and merged it up with a great house warming party. The preparations of both the functions, made all of us remain constantly on our toes! But all in all it was a success with guests being over awed by our new house and our new family member as well! Mom played a perfect hostess and Dad a perfect organizer! Trust this duo to host a perfect party!

I simply have to add the cherry on the cake called 2014. When your (totally UNEXPECTED) Secret Santa gift lies on your work desk, first thing in the last working morning of the year, you know you have had a fabulous end to the year. More so when it is from a person who you know is definitely the last one on the earth to plan surprises! Did you guess it? It was from Mr. Husband! A happy me!

See you all in 2015 with more of Life’s Little Banter!


About Shweta

An ambitious professional who loves working in a corporate as much as she loves spending time with family. Pursues writing as a passion and writes for stuff that closely touch the heart!
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