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As the year ends….

… I come back for the last post of the year after a looooong hiatus! Eons later, when I want to recollect about the most momentous year in my life….I have to have it documented somewhere! And when it comes … Continue reading

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Time Travels – Part Four – Our Happily Ever After

It’s been almost a month since my last post. High time I concluded the Time Travel series. High time I thank all of you for your concerned mails, messages, call and visits inquiring the brother’s health. High time I give … Continue reading

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The Birthday Post

…and so I turned 28 last week, without much drama. There were no balloons burst, no huge teddy bears, no surprises springing upon me from behind the sofa, no smearing cake all over me, no blindfolds and welcome to a … Continue reading

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Yesterday morning, the Monday Blues were severe than ever. More so because I was recently back from Mom’s place after my vacations. I was forever in a lazy mode for the whole week!! When at home, I was a perfect … Continue reading

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Present, Sir!

I have been off from blogging since so long now that I feel guilty of not writing! And thus, this today. I have so much to share, so much to vent, so much to write, but my mind is such … Continue reading

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Taking life as it comes…

Disclaimer: I was thinking out loud when I wrote this. A one-off, a psychoanalytic post. Stop here if you do not want my fun loving impression on you to change. If you think it is preachy, you may actually be … Continue reading

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Bringing in the fourth year…

We celebrated the third birthday of our wedding a couple of days back. THREE. A big number. Mr. Husband was in his most unusual form and I couldn’t have asked for a better anniversary. He is the one who isn’t … Continue reading

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Lost & Found

I am generally very careful about my stuff. Even as a child there seldom had been instances involving me and a “pencil lost in school”. Losing things was the prerogative of The Brother. He once forgot his entire drawing bag … Continue reading

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4 days. 1200 kilometers. 8 stops and lots of FAITH. No, this is not any trekking expedition that I am describing. Instead, this is the summary of our pilgrimage every single year. This time we covered one extra stop since … Continue reading

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My Girlfriends

5 Friends. More than half a decade of friendship. Life intervenes. Priorities Change. Still, the bond that binds them remains the same. The story of my life pretty much summed up. Time and again life has given me reasons to … Continue reading

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