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As the year ends….

… I come back for the last post of the year after a looooong hiatus! Eons later, when I want to recollect about the most momentous year in my life….I have to have it documented somewhere! And when it comes … Continue reading

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Happy Times and a story of determination!

4 years ago, we had to move out of the society we lived in for over two decades because our family saw undercurrents of a financial crisis. We had moved into a tastefully done but seemingly smaller house. It was … Continue reading

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Addressed to My Patriotic Personality!

My Dear Patriotic Alter Ego, I know you are as busy as I am. Busy with socials you don’t want to attend, busy with a job that you simply love, busy in keeping touch with friends who matter a lot … Continue reading

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My First Kid….

….will always be my brother. The one who is just a couple of years younger than me but is no short of being a bully. Yes, the very same YOU, who is younger but has made me what I am… … Continue reading

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Jullay from the land of Gompas!!

Too much happiness is making me gibberish. The title translates to “welcome to the land of monasteries” For the unawares, I am just back from the much anticipated trip of Ladakh. And boy, was it fun?! I don’t have an … Continue reading

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Memories we make

I saw myself clutching a knife tightly and yet smiling. I saw the color of my cheeks going all red. I saw myself punching a rather ‘healthy’ friend on his tummy and my cheeks blown off in mock humor. Somewhere … Continue reading

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Reunion and Nostalgia

Finally all the nostalgia paid off and I went to my college reunion which was held for the celebration of 50 successful years of NM college. Five friends, one car, loads of memories and gossips followed. We weren’t really excited … Continue reading

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Those were the days…

Those were the days… When waking up early for college never seemed taxing.. You looked forward to each day… When boarding packed locals was never a problem… You always had a hand helping you inside from within the train… When … Continue reading

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Lonavala and more of it…

The one little destination to which I have already travelled thrice in the current year. It never ceases to amuse me. Each visit has a special memory attached and have given tons of pleasing moments. Now I know, where I … Continue reading

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Reminiscing my Childhood

This is my 50th post and is very very special!! What’s better than a post dedicated to my childhood and that too on children’s day!! So, here you go…. I remember having a very lovely and a busy childhood. Yes, … Continue reading

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