Time Travels – Part Two – Encounter with The Doctor

This is the second part of the story. You can read the first one here

After what seemed like eternity, the screams subsided and we were let in. The feel of the ICU is alone horrific, let alone imagining the person you are closest to lying in there. With a prayer on our breath, we dashed in. All I would keep myself consoling was, I will give him a tight hug and he will be alright! But the sight there was something I will never forget. For once, I could not believe that the limp patient I was seeing bandaged across his head, the oxygen mask on his nose and the various tubes inserted in him connected to a hundred monitors around, was my effervescent and handsome young brother!! I took ages to tune into what the doctors were talking about. Even Mr. Husband, who vowed to be calm so that he can take care of a hysterical me, was staring agape at the injured Brother. Words refused to come out of his mouth. He could just manage to hold me firmly so that I would not collapse in the ICU. Internally, he was thankful that we had called the first cousins and help was on the way. I fathomed that the strength he displayed on the outside was just a matter of a couple of hours before he could break up himself.

After the initial shock subsided, we listened to what the doctor had to say. Thankfully he gave us a couple of minutes to compose ourselves before starting the full blown attack. He said, “Vinit had been really uncooperative and we finally had to sedate him before starting medication. We already had lost a couple of hours to pacify him. It obviously isn’t his fault since he was probably asleep in the passenger seat when the accident happened. And he is right now unaware of what has happened to him. His brain still is on the accelerated speed of the car and will take a while to calm down and return to normal, and thus the aggression. A neurosurgeon is on the way to check him up and till the time he arrives we will carry on with a CT Scan of his brain since a head injury has visibly occurred.”

The only positive thing that he said and which helped us to hold on to hope was, “his vitals are being monitored, and miraculously they are functioning normally without any apparatus’ help. The heartbeats, breathing and the pulse are all working on their own.”

He then escorted us out of the ICU and told us to wait till they prepared him for the scan. The ICU was at the 2nd Floor and the CT Scan unit on the ground floor. We waited outside the ICU, me crying inconsolably and Mr. Husband praying for the cousins to arrive soon. He was visibly shaken too! But I was too deep in my sob story to console him! They bought him out on a stretcher for the CT Scan and we followed them, same like it happens in all the Bollywood movies. I could not help staring at him with a hope that he will just now open his eyes and call out to me. But all through the travel from the ICU to the scan unit and back, he did not move a limb! So much quiet and stillness in a person who cannot stand straight for a minute without tapping his feet to create some music. After the scan was done, they bought him back to the ICU and left us in the lobby for waiting and praying.

In a while, my cousins and The Brother’s fiancée joined us at the hospital. Mr. Husband escorted them to The Brother’s bed. I somehow knew I had to be strong for the sister in law. She was shocked to see him in middle of so many critical patients. Until you saw him for yourself, no one would imagine him in such a state even in the most horrible nightmare. And as expected the shock hit her in full force. Now I know what Mr Husband would have been going through all this time when he was consoling me. You need to be strong, not for yourself but for the sake of others. But at the moment, all I could do was hold her tightly in my embrace and accompany her in crying……..


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3 Responses to Time Travels – Part Two – Encounter with The Doctor

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  2. Couldn’t help but keep wondering about the Fiance’s state of mind. Kudos to her for being with him (strongly by his side) through all this. Some bonds go way beyond blood ties I believe. She deserves him every bit. A person need not be super famous to be A Super-Woman! Every lady who beats such monsters in her personal life deserves no less than a Bharat Ratna.. Hats Off to the Brother’s Then-Fiance-Now-Wife.. And loads of love to the entire family for being so Amazing!!

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