The Birthday Post

…and so I turned 28 last week, without much drama. There were no balloons burst, no huge teddy bears, no surprises springing upon me from behind the sofa, no smearing cake all over me, no blindfolds and welcome to a huge surprise party….in short everything I always wish would happen in each of my birthdays did not happen. I would have loved each of these things to happen, but nonetheless, I was not overcome by grief nor did I have the pressing need to tear my hair apart. I did have a ‘surprise’ cake cutting at 12 in the night with almost all the people I love dearly around. The Brother, however was missed! Having a family makes you feel blessed in ways more than one. I guess this acceptance is something that age gifts you with. You no longer yearn that the sky should fall and the world should treat you special because hey, after all it’s your birthday…and the world should know! How can they not?

I went to office on my birthday. Yes. Is it a big deal? Mr. Husband was acting generous since he knows how much birthdays mean to me. He even gave me the option for us to take a leave and celebrate somewhere. But the question loomed large…what will we do? Esselworld on birthdays no longer excites us, driving up to Lonavala (again) and back just for a day did not make sense either…and it is not really us to impulsively pack our bags and be off to some destination because…yes…it’s my birthday!

So keeping the sanity intact and having nothing much to do, we went to our respective offices. The day dragged on and I found myself cutting time in office. Lack of work because the boss and the boss’s boss are all away on vacation and the idea of an empty office is much like the government ones…long lunch breaks and too much of facebooking and spending time brooding about how less I get to travel! Gosh! I seriously need a break.

The sad part about attending birthday phone calls is when people wishing you ask you plans for the day and exclaim “why office today?!” Makes you feel more wretched then you already do! But why the shock?! I can’t explain.

I had hidden my birth date from Facebook since I did not want random friends to be compelled to wish me because Facebook said its Shweta’s birthday today! But silly that I am, I forgot to save the settings and a 100 ‘friends’ wished me. More than half of them wouldn’t recognize me if they were walking right past me on a road.  Well, this turned out a blessing in disguise since I wanted to kill time and replied to each one of their comment individually!

This assignment kept me busy for a couple of hours and then I had Mr. Husband pick me up for dinner. I had stalked everyone on Zomato to search a new and decent dining place. One thing I absolutely love is visiting new restaurants. The wicked grin on Mr. Husband’s face told me he had something planned but the bored pessimist in me thought; there is nothing great he can surprise me with. The last birthday I blackmailed him in surprising me, he gifted me personalized table clock which worked fine exactly for 2 weeks before giving up and biting the dust. But Voila! This time the surprise turned out to be really awesome and totally unlike him! Well, a little private to jot down here but when he surprises, he makes sure I get pampered big time. Thank heavens; my birthday did have a highlight after all!

After the surprise, we went for a candle light dinner and stuffed ourselves with starters, sizzlers and mocktails. I did plan on having the awesome deserts on display but my over full stomach beeped warnings and I had to admonish the desert plan. I did even manage to make him pose for a quick picture with me.

And so, one more awesome birthday went by. Although I don’t feel a minute older than 15, mentally! I still yearn for appreciation and a pat on the back each time I do a job well, each time I cook a decent meal and each time I play agony aunt to the friends in distress. I still cannot fathom the fact that this is ‘expected’ of me and people will not stop to shower claps for each of the roles I don with aplomb. Growing up – a hellish trap, unavoidable nonetheless! Gah!


About Shweta

An ambitious professional who loves working in a corporate as much as she loves spending time with family. Pursues writing as a passion and writes for stuff that closely touch the heart!
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2 Responses to The Birthday Post

  1. hemangfans says:

    Your Mr. H did a stunning job …. surprise was not bad ….


  2. Prachee says:

    Wish you a very happy birthday Shweta…stay blessed


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