Present, Sir!

I have been off from blogging since so long now that I feel guilty of not writing! And thus, this today. I have so much to share, so much to vent, so much to write, but my mind is such a jungled mess. Thoughts keep on pouring in but I am unable to puke them out in writing. I am too occupied, with office work and socials. When I am traveling I have this increasing urge to complete the book that I am reading and take up the next read, eager to race to my 100th! I find myself increasingly excusing myself from my blog! But I miss posting so much. I keep on promising myself to be regular only to procrastinate further. I am right now in a busy and contented space and I love it. Of course, I keep on having a feeling that there is so much to do and so little time. I thought I may as well bullet my haywire thoughts!

  • April had been crazy, work wise. Deadlines to meet, anticipation of review and appraisal. And too much work in general. And yes I did get promoted too! All this toiling hard did pay off. But then, I did not exactly mind that I had to toil, because I love what I do. I am a few of those insane people who love their work. Shweta Shirodaria, Manager – Operations! This sounds soooo nice! Yay! My dad takes pleasure in holding my visiting card and rolling the designation around his tongue like a kid who has just learnt a new word. And that is exactly what I yearned for!
  • The Brother finally is done with his MBA and is back in Bombay for a short stint before he shoos off again for his job for which is placed in Pune. Gearing up for some teary eyed farewell already! But we did manage to have a heart to heart discussion about everything under the sun. I realized I would miss him so much. He’s the constant vent out machine keeping me sane.
  • Much to Mr. Husband’s annoyance, I finally squeezed off a week to have a stay at Mom’s. Of course there is office, but being at mom’s place had made me so lethargic that all I did was laze around. Also the amazing lunch dabba mom prepared each morning was the envy of many. As for me, I was more than happy to gorge down all the yummy food without having to sweat for it in the kitchen! Calorie meter was not cared at all. A princess’s life it was! Back to the grind now. Hey! I am not cribbing at all, since we tend to value these little stays only when they are scarce!
  • I finally did something which I never had before! No, not any adventure. But a little thing that I did not really think I will ever do. Meeting a stranger! I got a chance to meet the awesome Pepper and we yak yaked our way to glory! After planning a meet for like so long and adjusting our respective (very) busy schedules, we finally met! And I am so glad that I did. It is a great experience to meet someone new, totally unconnected with anyone you know. I never knew it was so easy to exchange thoughts without being judged, without caring what others might think! Loved the meet!
  • I also managed to earn the wrath of die-hard Salman Khan fans and have a heated debate about his sentence. I fail to think the loyalty these ‘fans’ have that abandons all logic. Also, Salman not going to jail strengthened my confidence in the Indian Judicial System and its (un)lawful (in)justice. Too tired to even rant about it!

This sums up most of my absence in here! Hope to be more regular than I recently am. I miss this space too!


About Shweta

An ambitious professional who loves working in a corporate as much as she loves spending time with family. Pursues writing as a passion and writes for stuff that closely touch the heart!
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4 Responses to Present, Sir!

  1. hemangfans says:

    Well, i really was missing your post. But as you said life is hectic and there is lots to do within little time frame. Hoping to see more of you over here 🙂


  2. You were missed but this one is a good comeback..Congrats on your promotion! Well done!


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