MY CHOICE…really?!

Now now, before I start typing this one…let me clear out a couple of things.
1. I am pretty addicted to my smart phone but I am not ‘smart’ enough to type out a post from in here. So you are supposed to ignore the formatting errors, if any!
2. I have been neck deep in work and haven’t got enough time to post my rants.. err thoughts. Even this one was on my to do list since a week! You may find this a little obsolete, but what I have to say…I simply HAVE to say! So… Here we go…

After too much of being said and written about the Deepika Padukone Vogue Empower-My Choice video…I had to actually take the pain to see it! I am active on social media and all but there are some things I choose to ignore until and unless they are shoved right in my face! And his one…good lord…everywhere I saw people had an opinion about it…some outraged…some stood by it and some were confused about why the feminists are not really bragging about this video! After it was like too much, I decided to see it finally!

And here’s what I have to say about it! I so love Deepika… And the black and white direction of that video! Her hair looks exactly the way mine do when I wake up in the mornings! And till now…I thought what a fright they were..but of course with the likes of Deepika having the same hair style, I look fashionable to myself!

Now now… Let’s get to the point! Apparently Vogue…the brand that endorses stick thin models and almost always carries an article about how to lose weight and how to look fabulous does this video which is supposed to depict women empowerment! Gah! Contradictory their latest cover has a ‘bold’ sonam kapoor showing off her photoshopped assets which Papa Anil wouldn’t really be able to frame in his living room! Also both Vogue and the protagonist of the video Deepika belong to an industry which objectifies woman to the maximum extent as possible. There is a basic disconnect about the issue they are handling. Its like Mahatma Gandhi endorsing a barber’s shop. No offense!

Well the video is directed impressively… have to give that to Homi, but other than that it misses to set a connection. “To have sex outside marriage? My choice?” Well, infidelity is something you may not like even if your boyfriend is practicing. Why does it have to change for you?! Just because you are a woman?! Nah!! And why bloody a size 15 female is shown as pregnant? Can’t a woman not be pregnant and still be fat?! Even in empowering woman, they hint her to be fat only when pregnant! Gah!

Feminism is a very misunderstood concept. It does not mean pulling down men. Rather it means equality with the other sex. And in no way I feel this video brings out that. Instead it just passes on ambiguous statements with powerful background score accompanied with Deepika’s sultry voice screaming to be noticed.

All in all…the final product is an untangled mess of vague statements which say absolutely nothing about empowering women!

I rest my case!


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An ambitious professional who loves working in a corporate as much as she loves spending time with family. Pursues writing as a passion and writes for stuff that closely touch the heart!
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8 Responses to MY CHOICE…really?!

  1. RAMAN says:

    Right miss. Feminism has become slightly messed up to understand; these days everyone has their own stand on women empowerment. There is a section of people who says we should not differentiate between girls and boys; no special treatment should be given to girls. Other section of thinkers demand special attention to girls. Some girls scream that we dont need anyone’s attention and help; leave us alone. Some others say that we should be treated better.

    Contradictory; this topic has become.


  2. Contradiction, yes and I also like to add the word hypocrisy with it…

    Couldn’t agree more with your words on DP’s video…so much hype everywhere for a week and Vogue is now talk of the town, let alone Deepika… They got what they wanted… 🙂

    “Its like Mahatma Gandhi endorsing a barber’s shop.” Hehehe… 😀

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  3. PS. Loved your blog… 🙂

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