Imperfect and Happy

I like sharing good experiences. I am also good at ranting against people who do not mean anything to me. But writing about my own sour experiences takes enormous efforts. May be it is human nature to ignore what is unfavorable. It often takes me massive courage to accept the fact that life is not always as perfect as you wish it to be. So are relationships.

I and Mr. Husband often have petty tiffs on matters that are silly. Adults cannot be expected to fight on such inane topics. We are closing on 3 years of our married life and I may take liberty to say that ‘blissful’ is a very wrong word.

The day we fight leaves me with a sullen face and a lot of hurt. Mr. Husband deals with it in his own way. He goes into a shell. He isn’t great at expressing his thoughts and being mum suits him better. He is always at fault from my side of the story. On the other hand he feels I overreact too much. We do not resolve issues. We just stop behaving like adults and keep on sulking forever. To make Mr. Husband talk about ‘issues’ takes gigantic efforts. He merely stops talking about it and that is his way to move on and forget. I need a closure and till that time, the argument stays inside me. Poles apart, but that’s how we function.

There have been many instances when I have punched him tight and given him a black eye in my thoughts.  In reality, we just shout on each other. When things settle and I remember the episode, I am way beyond embarrassed. I feel like we behaved as possessed souls and barking dogs would have been put to shame had they heard us shouting!

But the best part about these fights is the patch up. A simple sorry or a hug does the deal. Yes I know, I am forgiving that way! I melt like butter if the person in question tries to make amends. I love the way Mr. Husband lowers his guard. They say a woman is fragile but they have not understood yet that there is nothing that can be easily wounded like a man’s ego. And when the same ego is ditched, the feeling it gives is that ‘forever’ is not an illusion.

This is how relationships ought to work. And this is why fights are inevitable in any relationship. So that you can patch up and emerge out stronger… So that you do not take each other for granted… and so that the spice stays alive!

This does not even a bit mean that I am not happy being married. I am married to my best friend and there is nothing more I could have asked for. But marriage takes adjustments and it definitely is easier when the devil is question has once been your friend. You can bully him, too, which otherwise you may not be able to. This makes me being in a bigger favour of love marriages.


About Shweta

An ambitious professional who loves working in a corporate as much as she loves spending time with family. Pursues writing as a passion and writes for stuff that closely touch the heart!
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11 Responses to Imperfect and Happy

  1. Very few people can maintain that wonderful chemistry.
    Here’s to lots of happiness on your way 🙂

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  2. I can see “us” in what you have written. The relationship that we have with our husbands is very different. We married our best friends and that’s happiness. Fighting and logging heads just brings us closer. It’s about the laughters shared vs. the tears rolled 🙂
    Lots of good wishes for a happy friendship to you two!

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    • Shweta says:

      It took me lots of experiences to come out of my fairy tale love story and settle in the “real” marriage… All said and done… Its the opulence of “us” that keeps the fire burning. No matter how much at loggerheads you are… Sleep ain’t peaceful if you do not snuggle!!

      Wish you the same friendship forever too, Parul! God Bless us and the ones with us too!! 😉

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  3. rahilvora says:

    Patch up is d best part n makes
    The relationship more stronger n transperant.


  4. Heta Gala says:

    Lovely! I can relate to many points here but, sorry doesn’t make me feel better at times! Very well Expressed Shwet 🙂


    • Shweta says:

      Guys have a different mechanism of dealing with things, Heta… “Sorry” for them is a HUGE let go of their egoistic personality… And thus makes up for the fight! 😀


  5. I am able to relate being married for the past 1 and half years.. sweet cute post…


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