My Girlfriends

5 Friends. More than half a decade of friendship. Life intervenes. Priorities Change. Still, the bond that binds them remains the same. The story of my life pretty much summed up.

Time and again life has given me reasons to thank it enough for the close girlfriends I have. We met in Degree College and there has been no looking back since then. When we left college, silent promises were made, jokes exchanged, vows taken and a few tears shed while listening to “I am really gonna miss this place, I am gonna miss my college days“. Until and unless the time comes, you do not really realize about how it actually changes and priorities play havoc with your relations. Responsibilities and the so called grown up life interlude so much that you lose touch with the people who meant life for you a couple of years ago.

There was a time when one phone call did the trick and next moment you were meeting them at the nearest cafe, counting your pocket money and chipping in to share pastries. Today, you have your own bank balance, different mail and WhatsApp groups, your own car, the smartest phone to contact your gang and can have a hearty meal in a decent restaurant without caring about the bill or the expense. In spite of all these, very few plans materialize because all you don’t have is TIME! If one has to adjust job timings, there is someone who has a social commitment to fulfill. If one stays nearby, there is one who stays countries apart!

But the best part about my girlfriends is, when I meet them, days months and years do not matter. And we can start from where we have last left; without wasting time in the formality of exchanging pleasantries. The poses for the pictures change, the waist sizes of the ones in them change and the wardrobes are less lame then the ones during the college days. Heck! Even the topic of discussion changes from cute guys to in laws to planning kids! But what does not change is the camaraderie of the ones in those pictures, what remains the same is the ease with which you can crack jokes on topics you know are sensitive, what never changes is the fights you end up having all which needs a hug to make up. What remains the same is the feeling that this night shouldn’t end and there is so much more to talk. What remains the same is the yearning to go back to the time spent together. When you have friends like these, you know you can be what you are. If trying to ape or fake, all it takes is a look in their eyes which tell you, “Bitch come out with the truth!”

This Friday night was spent with the company of my mad gang and all I wanted was time to freeze! These girls are the reason I can go blabbering without making sense. I love them to bits! One thing I do not want to change in this life is THEM! May we be the best grand friends as years progress!

PS: Whatever changes, one thing that we haven’t changed is the name we gave our gang….Lame it may sound now but we cherish and call it “5 Stars”. Go Laugh! 😀


About Shweta

An ambitious professional who loves working in a corporate as much as she loves spending time with family. Pursues writing as a passion and writes for stuff that closely touch the heart!
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6 Responses to My Girlfriends

  1. Heta Gala says:

    Super 😍. We will remain Best girlfriends forever!


  2. I loved this post! Friends are like that – you can begin again from where you left! and that’s the best part! 🙂


  3. bchandak says:

    Amazing post! And I can totally relate to the group of 5 ( Our group is named “Fabulous 5” :’) :p )


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