Bucket List Review – 2014

Am I a little late for a review of 2014? Cares who? I have been pathetically lazy to post with a crazy social life ruling my existence for the time being. Now now… I am not being a hypocrite but however hectic it may be… I love being busy! It gives my overtly imaginative brain a rest from its favorite pass time of being paranoid and anxious.

I had done a post about how resolutions are just not for me and instead made a wish list for the year 2014. You can read it here.

It will be rude to not take an account of these wishes and moreover give them a ‘resolution’ feeling of being made and forgotten. So, not repeating history, here we go and check off the wishes fulfilled and carrying forward the ones that weren’t lucky enough…


Get a new phone

I finally did manage to decide and bought a Nexus 5 fairly yearly in the year! I am not really a change loving person and all the harassment of transferring contacts and data from one cell phone to another gets on my nerves like nothing else. Having said this, I am a big time phone addict and cannot exist without my handset. Period. So the wish of buying a new one after my pet, The Blackberry giving me sleepless nights, was striked off pretty early in the year.

Lose some part of the developing paunch.

I hate to admit that this will almost stay in my wish bucket for decades. Or so I have come to believe, considering my dedication displayed working towards this wish. No amount of chocolates, cheese or butter was cut down. If anything, the calorie intake has only managed to go a notch higher to increasingly alarming levels in this year. Sigh! Being Plump is not a great state of being, is it?

A trip to Leh

Now, now! Boy…. Am I smiling as I even check this wish out?! Grinning like an idiot. My trip to Leh was one of the awesomest highlights of this year. Read more about it here, because once I start about it, it is almost impossible to stop!

Join a computer course

Utterly ashamed to admit that I couldn’t strike off this simple wish! Carrying forward to 2015!

Go on a Trek

Sigh. The lazy bum that I am, I managed to trek only the flea markets innumerable times. When I had this wish on mind, I was meaning to trek hills and not malls! Another one carried forward.

Read a lot

This one wish was my constant companion throughout the year. Although I did not manage to complete 100 books as I intended during the start of 2014, but I did fairly well and managed to add a good amount of books to my list! Not complaining a bit! One habit that by far is my best one!


I did manage to post about 48 posts this year. Not really an awesome number, I know, but fairly satisfactory! Writing has a calming effect on me, and there have been innumerable instances when I have resorted to writing when words fail me. Each post is special but there are many ones these year which are so close to my heart that re-reading them makes a tear roll down my eye! And not to forget, my first ever Liebster Award by the awesome Anoop made blogging all the very more special.


My health giving me issues for a huge part of 2013 gave me a stir and got me to sit and take notice. Also Jaundice paying me a visit was a shocker to let me know it was time to act soon. I started with a homeopathy course (which thankfully I am still sticking to and continuing). For exercising, I did join Zumba for a couple of months before giving up because life meddled and I found myself too stressed to keep up with the batch timings amidst my forever busy schedule. But the short stint I tried with it made me love the exercise and dance regime and I intend to join it as soon as it becomes feasible. Which, I guess will take eons more to come.

Plan a trip with my Gang!

There have been trips on and off in this year, but I still have not managed to plan a trip with ALL of my bestest pals rolled in one. The less said about this, the better!

Visit an orphanage

Another simple one which I did not manage to accomplish! Still I participated in a little Blogadda Activity to feed a child. Keeping this one on my list to carry forward in 2015 and continue with as many years as possible!

Here’s to more wishes and perennial procrastinating in 2015. Tee Hee!

This more or less sums up my 2014. How was yours?


About Shweta

An ambitious professional who loves working in a corporate as much as she loves spending time with family. Pursues writing as a passion and writes for stuff that closely touch the heart!
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5 Responses to Bucket List Review – 2014

  1. RAMAN says:

    And silly girl, I would say that you did fairly well in this year. Phone becomes a family member and Me too dont like to change the phone anytime soon. However, the target of 100 books in one year seem more than possible. I mean the person has to skip everything else to keep finished 2 books in a week.
    However, I am going to check your Books and Leh trip page.


    • Shweta says:

      Thanks Raman! 🙂
      So, how did you like both the Leh Trip and the Books page?
      Also, I am always confused on which book to pick up next.. you can pour in some suggestions!


  2. RAMAN says:

    yes i did check the both… However, it all depends on which kind of books you enjoy reading..As i See, you love fiction and that romantic fiction.. People with this type of interests are very sensitive, emotional and vulnerable to love attacks..
    So as new year arrives, I would suggest you to read some biographies and non-fiction.. REst is upto you, sorrry if I went too personal


    • Shweta says:

      Hey not at all! I love a fantasy world… And i love fiction… I tried non fiction with I am Malala and liked it but kinda left me depressed too… The world is pretty cruel to be reading about 😀


  3. RAMAN says:

    Then you and me are birds of different trees. I just finished reading Biography of Indira and my last week was spent with Autobiographies of Abraham Lincoln and Benjamin franklin.
    But I would admit that the books of 18-19 century Europe have a great charm in themselves. I always have loved the books wrriten in Europe. Vienna, Rome, paris ( Even the names are romantic)


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