One more of the many…

So, I resign to the fact that I am born in a country where rapes are more common than thefts. Where there are innumerable enterprises set up by flouting laws and operating with truckload of loopholes, but are noticed (read: banned) only when those law lapses give rise to heinous crimes as rapes. A country where the year simply cannot end without having a horrific rape case to its end credits.

This time it’s a cab driver! News has been doing rounds about how a female was raped by a cabbie after she booked one with the help of the Uber software. And no prizes for guessing that the Indian capital is again in news…all for wrong reasons. What is it with Delhi and rapes? I fail to understand. I do not intend to taint the country’s capital but it is now happening far many times to dismiss it as a coincidence. The horrific Nirbhaya rape case that shook the nation still stirs my insides when I recall it. And to think of it… It has been 2 years to that instance now and things haven’t improved yet.

The government has taken a decision to ban the application due to this reason. I agree with the ban, but the reason behind the ban is not justifiable. The Uber application has flouted many laws and should have been put on radar since long. Why does it take a rape case like this to make the authorities sit up and take notice? Can’t we take precautions beforehand and prevent such instances from happening instead? Sadly, we have taken no measures to ensure safety of women even after so many instances daily.

If you go through the statistics of the number of crimes committed against women in India, specifically rapes, you will be appalled at the figure. I do not really want to go in a fit and so I am saving myself the agony, but if you are curious and can prevent yourself from the trauma, use the Google search engine and have a look yourself.

What is it that does not deter rapists? They are not scared anymore. The accused in question, in this case too, did not seem to even minimally repent the crime that he had committed. Apparently this wasn’t the first one for him. Are we a country of morons? I gape in horror! I have written so much on this blog about rapes that the tag cloud bolds it the most. Each time I write about a horror story, my skin crawls and I am unable to think straight. I cannot even imagine what the victim who has undergone this would be going through.

One more horrific instance, one more post, one more case in the ever pending list, one more shameless accused, one more round of court hearings, one more media circus…. And only one more minute when someone somewhere else is getting raped! Sign! Some things leave you so dejected but you have to accept the fact that it may never change!


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An ambitious professional who loves working in a corporate as much as she loves spending time with family. Pursues writing as a passion and writes for stuff that closely touch the heart!
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4 Responses to One more of the many…

  1. RAMAN says:

    America has one of best law n order system in world but also has highest rape rate.. I totally agree that rape is guilty for whole nation and must be stopped.. but if you are seriously concerned with increasing rape stats, I can also show you the other side of picture. Do u allow?


    • Shweta says:

      I would love to have a read from another point of view. but it may not change about how gut wrenching I feel about the whole issue and its increasing rate.
      And I am concerned with the crime in general. The geography about where it takes place is of little importance. Nonetheless, I will not deny that since I am nation proud, this happening in India disheartens me the most!


      • RAMAN says:

        Another point of view is that the frequency of rape is less than the statistical value… Women are favored and many innocent men are punished..
        I totally condole the real issues of rape and I am determined to provide women a safer place in society.. But a survey of THE HINDU in Delhi found that 55% of reported rapes were consensual love affairs that turned ugly at some point… 25% cases were where the girl was below 18 and was treated as a victim despite her wish to marry the accuse.. Whatever, I dont want to protect the rapers; but the boundry between a raper, lover is not clear


        • Shweta says:

          I agree on your points Raman… This is totally another case to discuss.. Fake rape complaints and our ancient judicial laws which holds innocent guys guilty inspite of consensual sex…
          But these instances do not make India look in a lesser bad light when it comes to rapes!
          And the case discussed in this post is about the rape incident that occurredin Delhi a couple of days ago… It is far from being fake!

          PS: go through my posts on rapes just to know the intensity about how i feel about this crime


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