The wait that will never be over

“Mahi, do not storm out of the house without your breakfast” Aman exclaimed! “Aman, I am getting late for my meeting. The driver is honking since 5 minutes!” Saying this, Mahi grabbed a toast from the breakfast table, kissed Aman on the cheek and rushed out in her high heels, pencil skirt and laptop bag. Always punctual and a perfectionist, Aman smiled to himself and started to get ready for work.

Aman and Mahi had been married for a little over 4 years. They met during a post graduate course, fell in love, dated for a couple of years and married eventually. They were in a happy space, having successful careers, a comfortable bank balance and a great gang of friends. Their respective families were in their hometowns and happy about the couple pursuing their dreams in the Mumbai Metro. They had their plate full and were besotted with each other. After so many years of knowing each other, their love had only grown. Mahi was a perfectionist and Aman a little impulsive and careless. They balanced each other well and their contrasting personalities kept their relationship electric.

He couldn’t wait to be with her at their dinner date tonight at Mahi’s favourite restaurant. No friends, no crowd but just two of us. After ages. His thought bubble burst when the cuckoo clocked at 10.00 AM! Aman geared himself for the long day at work. Mahi was supposed to give him a surprise tonight. He had tried pushing her to spill the beans, but she just smiled and asked him to meet at the restaurant at 8. “What can it be?” Aman thought and dragged himself out of the shower. He was getting restless when a text from Mahi made him smile. It read: Reached office. Do not think much. It’s a surprise. Heading for the meeting. Have a good day at work! See you at 8. “What would I do without this girl in my life!” he thought and headed for office.

He was waiting at their reserved table since the past 15 minutes. Mahi was never late, he thought. I am restless may be because I am on time for the first time in my life. Even her phone was unavailable. He thought about trying again when his phone rang. It was from Mahi’s number. “Where are you darling? I am waiting here since ages. Don’t you dare tell me you are still stuck in office!! Hello? Hello?” A male voice from the other end said, “Sir, I am sorry, but your wife has met with an accident and we have brought her to the City hospital, please come as soon as you can!” Aman went blank. He couldn’t reply. He rushed out of the restaurant, hailed a taxi from outside in spite of having his car parked. He couldn’t waste time waiting for the valet to get his car. Thoughts crowded his mind and his world was blank. “Please let her be OK! Please let her be OK!” His mind was continuously chanting. He could think of nothing more.

Aman was in a state of shock when he saw Mahi’s body. Mahi was declared dead on admission. He broke down. This was all a nightmare. This couldn’t be happening to me. He saw his world crumble before his eyes. All he could think of was his vivacious Mahi and her laughter. The little dimple that appeared on her right cheek every time she smiled her secret smile. The body lying in front of him was pale and with innumerable scars on her face. Is she really my Mahi? Aman did not know for how long he was sitting there holding her lifeless hand when someone tapped his shoulder, “The doctor wants to see you”

Dragging himself along the long corridor of the hospital, he went to the doctor’s cabin. His mind was half dead, yet he wanted to know what had actually happened. The doctor said, “I am sorry about your grief but I ought to let you know about the accident. Miss Mahi’s car was rammed into by a speeding bike and her driver lost control before hitting a tree. Onlookers admitted both of them here. The driver’s family has been informed and he is in a coma right now. I am sorry, but we couldn’t save your wife. She was dead by the time people bought her here. And Mr. Aman, I am not sure whether you are aware, but she was 5 weeks pregnant!”

Aman couldn’t believe his ears. He died a thousand deaths in that one second.

Inspired by an episode of “Satyameva Jayate”. Please watch it here if you still haven’t.


About Shweta

An ambitious professional who loves working in a corporate as much as she loves spending time with family. Pursues writing as a passion and writes for stuff that closely touch the heart!
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17 Responses to The wait that will never be over

  1. hemangfans says:

    hi…. nice one … but first time i read something like this from u.


  2. roopesh says:

    was it from the road rage one in Gurgaon? ; It was really heartbreaking 😦


  3. roopesh says:

    I was referring to the episode of satyameva jayate, which you have indicated as one of your inspiration behind the plot!


  4. I kept reading the last line for I-don’t-know-how-many-times. Wonderfully written!


  5. Heta Gala says:

    This story reminded me of the movie ” Saathiya”. I would have died, if something would have happen like this with my close ones. I couldn’t watch the episode of SJ related to this story. Nice that, you shared it in this way!


  6. My Era says:

    It’s my first time on your blog and I must admit I am glad to have landed here.
    A very beautiful and sensitive write up that resonates the unpredictability of life.How happy endings aren’t what make up real life.
    Keep up the good work Shweta 🙂


    • Shweta says:

      Hi there!
      Thanks for your lovely comment. I am not really negative and posts like these are very rare! I love to believe that the era we live in is a happy place to be in, but something about this topic shook me up and stirred my insides, hence this post!!

      How much ever sad it is, but real lives are shattered due to stupid thrills of some people and everyone thinks this will never happen to me before the uncertain thing called ‘life’ intervenes. Sigh! 😦

      Do stop by to read the happy posts as well! 🙂


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