Message in a Bottle

Sometimes we are so ignorant about petty things around us that our actions tend to prove fatal even for the ones we love the most. Yesterday I discovered a fact which left me astound. Its no rocket science or anything but the reason I was dumbstruck was because I had been unaware of this for so long.

Now before creating any further suspense, I’ll come out with it. Just a little bit of background before the great realization!

My cute niece is all of 5 years old and the sweetheart of the family. We spoil her bad. Amongst her different fascinations one of them is for miniature bottles. The mineral water ones which are handy and easy to carry. Her mom makes sure that she has the best of sippers bottles available in the market. But cutie has a fancy to reuse the miniature plastic bottles. We know that those are not great to reuse since the plastic used is not friendly. After trying to reason with her in no avail, we give up and let her reuse the little ones for some time before we have to put on a fight, throw it and get a new one to replace it. She loves them so much, that even we have taken a knack of collecting it for her. Small joys, we thought.

But I was startled when I came across an email yesterday. It said that reusing such plastic caused cancer! It also said that a 12 year old girl died in Dubai because of the same reason! Also, the number denoted under the plastic bottle in a recycle sign can tell us how safe it is to use the plastic. Apparently, greater the number, better the plastic.

Now before going ahead and publishing this, I thought to apply my stalking…ermm surfing skills and testing out the facts! Apparently the email forward was a hoax! No one died and it may not really be carcinogenic. But what i came across was that reusing plastic is indeed unhealthy since bacteria breeds on the same which can pose health hazards for humans and the environment, both. And about the number denoted in the recycle logo on the plastic, it really doesn’t mean greater the number, the better!! What a sham it was to circulate such emails. However, the number does tell us about the type of plastic used and safety of its usage. I found a very informative piece here. Go on.. read it! Since plastic has become indispensable, this article may prove useful!

And a note from a personal experience, before believing in any sort of emails or other forwards, put your Google skills to use!


About Shweta

An ambitious professional who loves working in a corporate as much as she loves spending time with family. Pursues writing as a passion and writes for stuff that closely touch the heart!
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2 Responses to Message in a Bottle

  1. RAMAN says:

    Root of such circulations is never known. On whatsapp, FB and everywhere , we can find long messages circulating. Many of them don’t show the right facts, must never be trusted immediately.


    • Shweta says:

      True Raman! And that is why I ALWAYS consult Google before forwarding it from my end! Nonetheless a rumour helped me this time to discover something useful. So, for once, I am not complaining!


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