..and its a 100!

After my last rant post, WordPress made me stare at the screen for a full 1 minute. It said, “You published your 99th post on this blog!” And I was stumped. Such a useless person to write about on the awesome number 99. And so I thought that before any moron goes ahead to annoy me further and I tend to vent out on a post, let’s make this 100th one a happy post!! Because, it’s a century! Yay Me! *happy tears*


Here we go…

The big news is that Mr. Husband and I are finally making our first Big purchase. A beautiful, black, Hyundai i10 car! All of it with our khoon paseene ki kamai. That it is a one with sunroof takes the cherry on the cake! I can already imagine myself on a long drive to Nariman point with wind blowing on my face! Such bliss! People have been buying cars all around us and it’s not really a big deal now. More so since the auto fares rising to such obscene levels that you may as well be able to afford a personal chopper! But since this is our first big buy, I am doubly excited.

My blog baby is now 100 posts old in almost two and half years. I never thought I would sustain, But I am glad I did. Surely the numbers of blogs have gone down in recent months but I realize I do not want to post just to keep up the numbers. Only when something rings a bell… I jot it here! Else I am more than willing to let this blog take a sabbatical!

My Bai woes haven’t yet ended! But since this is a happy post, I am strictly not ranting about her. However angry I feel within, but one thing it truly taught me was that when you face challenges, you will be surprised about how much you can endure. No, that does not mean I want her to continue staying absent. The sooner, the better. Enough lessons learnt.

I have anchored my book reading habit deeply. And I am more than glad to have done so. It gives me a perspective I never had before. And the more I read, the closer I am to a world other than this.

And finally, it is NAVRATRI time. The time to shed inhibitions and dance until there is no further ounce of energy left in your body! I feel the happiness even as I type this! Go guys, it is garba time!

And just last one more time……It’s a HUNDRED!! Wish me guys!


About Shweta

An ambitious professional who loves working in a corporate as much as she loves spending time with family. Pursues writing as a passion and writes for stuff that closely touch the heart!
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14 Responses to ..and its a 100!

  1. hemangfans says:

    Congrats !!! for both … your 100th post and the car … looking forward for more and more from you.


  2. Anu S says:

    Congrats Shweta on your 100th Post….and congrats for new Car…..Happy and Safe Driving 🙂 and Happy Navratri in Advance to you too….:)


  3. prachee says:

    Congrats for the 100 posts…and a bigger congrats for your new car…:-)


  4. Anonymous says:

    and u did it …congrats for uo 100 post still always waiting fr uo new one and many congratulations fr uo new car party toh banti h :-):-)


  5. Congrats on getting the car! The feeling must be awesome! I hope I’ll be able to someday 🙂 And I love black 😀


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