The society where Hypocrisy breeds…

One woman, coincidently a celebrity was out in the open and to her utter bad luck had a wardrobe malfunction. Well, kind off. When the neckline of her top went plunging down and her ‘assets’ did a peek-a-boo show. This issue was kept in the safe for a year and suddenly out of nowhere, when the newspapers did not have anything to grab balls, I mean eyeballs of its viewers, they published this as ‘breaking news’ and ‘headlines’. I wonder why they have never blown it out of proportion when a man has been caught with his fly open?! Why do they not zoom in on the butts and crotches of men? Why are the zooming and poking capabilities put to use only when it is a woman in question. Is now hypocrisy a fad in the modern times? Has it gained the status of being an ‘in’ thing already? The way we behave today is making me believe it is! I have more than one instance to point it out.

In a second instance, there had been news splashed all across when an actress was caught ‘in the act’ of prostitution. Now, obviously she alone wasn’t involved. Common sense says that a ‘man’ had to be with her most definitely. But just because he was a powerful name and could silence the cops/medias and everyone else involved with big monies and so called ‘connections’ his name was safely tucked under and till this date hasn’t surfaced. Hypocrisy again, isn’t it? I do not say that what the actress did was correct, but why target her alone? Aren’t we aware that the identity of the victim as well as the accused has to be anonymous, according to law? Why such a public assault of a lady’s character?! Just to sell some more copies and gain more viewership? Are we stooping down to such levels?! I fail to understand. But one thing is for sure, media has successfully built in us strong voyeuristic characteristics and now, we, the junta, are always ready to jump the bandwagon and gleefully goad on such pieces of news! Entertainment at what cost?!

As I write this, I hear them labeling me in the feminist class of people they have further created to increase the male female divide. I say if they weren’t as hypocrite as they are now, if they only did not give gyaan about breeding a society equal for men and women, but actually behaved like creating one, I wouldn’t be a sexist really! My feminist alter ego wouldn’t be forced to surface! The blame game, one which they regularly play, has made me take my turn in blaming them too!

I heard someone commenting that if the Indian celebrities want to go the Hollywood way, they will have to accept to get subjected to the scrutiny and news that Hollywood celebrities face! I say, first talk about how Hollywood has been treating its women since times immemorial and then bring out these silly comparisons. I do not remember a Hollywood ‘female’ celebrity quitting her work or facing lack of film offers after being married or bearing children! First try and achieve those levels of female worship and only then can you dare compare in other areas!

Time and again I have believed that media shapes up a nation’s mindset. And at the rate they are degrading the quality of what they publish, I have come to believe that the hypocrisy in our society will never cease to exist!


About Shweta

An ambitious professional who loves working in a corporate as much as she loves spending time with family. Pursues writing as a passion and writes for stuff that closely touch the heart!
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4 Responses to The society where Hypocrisy breeds…

  1. Ketki Mehta says:

    Brilliantly written, couldn’t agree more


  2. It’s not hypocrisy. It’s sexism. The world is sexist and women are treated this way. India especially is a hopeless country…


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