My First Kid….

….will always be my brother. The one who is just a couple of years younger than me but is no short of being a bully. Yes, the very same YOU, who is younger but has made me what I am…

And today when you are studying in some awesome college away from home, snoring off in classes and getting late for lectures with a frog in your shoes, working on some crappy presentation before someone suggests a movie night out, bearing the hostel food before you get a chance to sneak out and drive your glory to gorge on some mind numbing Chinese takeaway from a cheap outlet nearby… you give us an impression of being oh-so-poor-kid-slogging-his-ass-off. All of this and more, yet you are the dearest!

I remember the times when, much to my dismay, you have followed me to my friends’ houses and I have reluctantly agreed to drag you along, before ignoring you and sulking for ages about you accompanying me. You are the reason I sulk so much!

I remember the days when I have been pretty much a bitch and complained about you secretly tasting a bit of paan from dad’s packet when we were kids. I smiled within when a tight slap landed across your cheek! You are the reason I love bitching and gossiping and not feeling bad about it!

I remember all those chocolates which mom bought for us and you hastily gobbled yours before begging me to give you a piece from mine. And being the little snob that I was, I would purposely wait for you to finish yours because the chocolate tasted doubly sweet when I devoured it slowly and saw the greedy, bewildered expression on your face! You are the reason I love being mean sometimes!

I remember being jealous of you and crying buckets when Grandma favorited you and gave you all the chocolates she had. You taught me how Karma bites back and when it does, it hurts!

You were the best part about my childhood, apart from Chacha Chaudhary and Tinkle comics. Oh yes! I even remember that you always wanted the same comic that I was reading. Finally after too much persuasion I would give in and let you read together with me. Peace was short lived since our reading speed was not on the same wavelength and I ALWAYS had to wait to let you finish reading before I moved on to the next page. You are the reason why I am bad at waiting. You have tested my patience so many times, that my patience quota is full for this life and perhaps even the next.

I remember the times when we have shared so many secrets and covered up for each other. You are the reason I learnt to trust. I remember all those days when you have saved your pocket money to gift me something little. You are the reason I have learnt to share. I remember the days when you would sleepily come to drop me at the station at 5 in the morning inspite of having to wake up for college in the next hour. You are the reason I knew what being selfless was. I remember the times you took me in your wing if anyone dared to point a finger on me. You are the one who made me experience what a shield means! I remember all the long drives in dad’s scooter and wind blowing in our faces. You are the reason that made me feel so lively!!

You are the reason that I laugh so haughtily, you are the reason my life has been so colourful. You are the reason my growing up years were the best I could have ever asked for. You are the reason for me having a blessed life. You are the reason I know that I can express myself beautifully when I write.

I love you and I miss you Bhai!! Happy Raksha Bandhan!


About Shweta

An ambitious professional who loves working in a corporate as much as she loves spending time with family. Pursues writing as a passion and writes for stuff that closely touch the heart!
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7 Responses to My First Kid….

  1. I loved this post! Made me miss my brother who is just a year younger. We are so different yet so same – so far yet so close!


    • Shweta says:

      Thanks Parul… Siblings are a blessing… More so when it is a brother! I don’t know where would I have been if not for this pesky kid in my house!


  2. vinitgandhi says:

    sooo sooo sooo speechless..!! love u sister.. ur shield for life 🙂


  3. Anonymous says:

    superb inspired !!!


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