Of Health and Holidays

Excitement. Check
Adrenaline. Check
Nervousness. Check
Medicines. Check

Wait! Let me begin from the start. This is the checks I am ticking off for our next trip that starts THIS Friday. Yay! Finally! After days (actually, months) of planning and organizing, Mr Husband and I are off to Ladakh. It has been my dream destination since over a year. I even had it on my mind when I had jotted down my things to do for this year! But the evil jaundice kept me occupied and we couldn’t plan it this summer.

After too much contemplation, we agreed to go ahead and book it through a tour operator. A first for us. Since all our trips are customized and planned as per will. But this being a faraway destination requiring precautions and a group, we agreed. And we weren’t left with much choice since we didn’t have our friends joining us for this one. Also we didn’t want to wait till next year. Apparently there is a time frame between which you can visit this cold desert and travelling ain’t advisable in winters.

I am excited beyond words, although I have jitters because 2014 has not really been a great year for me, health wise. Apart from Jaundice, I have been suffering from hyperacidity, lack of stamina and breathlessness, the reasons for which are still a mystery. After much thought, I started with homeopathy medications. I take the pills regularly but I am wary of my body now. It doesn’t listen to me as it used to.

Also, the oxygen levels at this destination are low since it is at a very high altitude, which makes me a little paranoid. Nonetheless, I am hoping for a fantastic time.

If you minus the multiple times (read 5) that I have been on weekend getaways to Lonavala, I haven’t had a proper holiday since Goa last year. May be a vacation is what I want badly and so here it is. I plan to lose myself in nature and have the best 10 days of my year! More from Ladakh when I am back!

Pray for my good health and I promise to be back with lots of pictures.


About Shweta

An ambitious professional who loves working in a corporate as much as she loves spending time with family. Pursues writing as a passion and writes for stuff that closely touch the heart!
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12 Responses to Of Health and Holidays

  1. hemangfans says:

    Have a awesome holiday and trust me all will go well. Enjoy to the fullest. Cheers !!!


  2. Pepper says:

    Terrific. That’s a dream destination for me too. Have fun you guys.
    PS – I’ve been meaning to send you a mail for a while. Will do once you’re back.


  3. Anu S says:

    Hey….Have a Safe and Happy Trip……Enjoy and keep well…:)


  4. One of my best friend’s just returned from Ladakh and the pics are amazing! Have a great time 🙂


  5. Have a great time! And take LOTS of pics 😀


  6. Anonymous says:

    hey ..
    no need to worry abt health dear …
    holidays are meant to get that health back !!
    n u too will …..


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