I shone in a bright pink fairy dress inside a glossy cardboard box on the center-most glass shelf of a huge air conditioned toy shop. I was the most beautiful, much to the envy of my contemporaries. I got the attention of boys and girls alike and even their parents who visited the shop. I seemed to have learned the different looks people had in their eyes when they saw me. Little girls were overwhelmed by my presence but soon the excitement turned to glittering tears when their parents couldn’t afford me. Pity washed through me. Nonetheless, I was proud. Proud of being the best, proud of being the most beautiful, proud of causing envy and heartburn. Proud that my owner could only be rich and living in a lap of luxury!

That day I prayed hard for someone to take me away soon and free me from my loneliness on the glass shelf.


Next day I saw myself being gifted to a girl in a dress similar as mine. Later I learned that it was the princess’s birthday and I was one of the many gifts. No longer was I unique. I lost myself in hoards of other packages including one grumbling bear and a smoke puffing battery operated train. Nonetheless, I was the best. I just knew. I already had begun to imagine the luxury I was heading to live in.

Lying in the gift wrapped parcel, I was proud that I will be the princess’s favorite gift.


The princess saw me and couldn’t contain her joy. She was ecstatic to have me. I gave my brightest of smiles and she loved me more. She would bathe me, dress me, and make me sleep beside her on her bed. She played with me all day long. So much that it would tire me.

I prayed if she could leave me in peace for some time atleast.


Soon she no longer found me interesting. I was dumped in her huge closet and to my horror there were many others like me. Some in minis, some in traditional outfits and even some having a kitchen of their own! Each one beautiful than the other.

I prayed to be freed from this crowd.


The princess’s mom soon gave me and the others to her different maids who in turn gave us to their children. My new owner was a bratty little girl with unkempt hair who reeked of unhygienic water. She was harsh to me, would pull away my clothes. I cried and pleaded but there was no one listening. She hurt me and broke off my hands.

I prayed to get rid of her.


That night a rodent found me instead of food in the maid’s hut, bit me and threw me inside the drain! There I was… lying all alone in a pool of filth waiting to meet my fate!

From a glossy glass counter to a filthy drain in the unknowns… all in one lifetime. I should have known when the ugly bear at the store had once said, “Pride does no good” I thought he was jealous, but now I realize how true he was!!

I learned it the hard way!! Sigh



About Shweta

An ambitious professional who loves working in a corporate as much as she loves spending time with family. Pursues writing as a passion and writes for stuff that closely touch the heart!
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8 Responses to Pride

  1. hemangfans says:

    very truly explained. too much of proud is not good.


  2. parul shirodaria says:

    Good story …..
    True to life ….


  3. Anonymous says:

    Very well said….damn good….!!!!


  4. anushah says:

    One should not be so proud, as everything change with time. Very well written Shweta…Loved reading it..


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