The regret of not getting inked!

Finally after so much of anticipation and excitement I couldn’t get to vote! Sigh. It will always remain one of my biggest regrets for the year! I wanted to make my vote count and get my finger inked proudly.. No, not to display my selfie finger on Facebook but to elect the one I thought would do us good! Mumbai voting turnout was disappointing to say the least. No doubt it was a tad progressive as compared to the 2009 elections but yet it was way below standards. Especially after all these months of marketing gimmicks by the politicians.

I was eagerly looking forward to getting inked but my hopes vanished when my name was conspicuously missing from the voting list. I had a chance to vote during the last elections so I presumed my name to be present in this one as well. But miraculously it wasn’t!! It really came as a rude shock. I had all my documents in place and as a responsible citizen had 5 (!) identity proofs… yet couldn’t vote. No name in the electoral list so you can’t vote was the bottom line for all the ones on election duty!! No other option.I don’t really know what data they use for the electoral rolls. How can they commit such a huge blunder and delete names of existing citizens. Why can’t the EC use more common means like ration cards or pan cards for the process of collation of names. And in case they don’t, they surely should anticipate queries like these and should have made provisions. How can we expect a great turnout even if people like me who were wanting to very much vote but couldn’t due to the EC errors and omissions.

The same was the issue with Mr. Husband. We searched and searched. But couldn’t find his name online. Yet, both of us went with our documents and tried personally at our voting booth. Miraculously his name was present! And thus he could vote. I expected a turn of events and crossed my fingers for the same happening to me, but alas, I wasn’t lucky enough.

Of Course, I ask myself why didn’t I check the list earlier, as a Mumbaikar I should have. But I had limited knowledge of the same and my presumptions got better of me. The same question haunts me again – Why wasn’t my name present in the list which allowed me to vote earlier when all the other members of my extended family had theirs! I guess the EC owes an explanation to me!

Disappointed! I am sub consciously looking at every inked finger since morning and sighing out loud, regretting the fact that I couldn’t vote. When I know many people who were out on vacations and celebrities who were out to attend IIFA awards at Tampa Bay, Florida. Seriously guys, is vacationing more important than voting? Hope I could have swapped my name with the ones vacationing and voted instead! When you are given privileges, you don’t have the appetite to digest it. Sad state of affairs, I say!


About Shweta

An ambitious professional who loves working in a corporate as much as she loves spending time with family. Pursues writing as a passion and writes for stuff that closely touch the heart!
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2 Responses to The regret of not getting inked!

  1. hemangfans says:

    Such small mistakes happen in our BIG country !!!!


    • ANooP says:

      Agree with @hemangfans comment. India has huge huge population and it should be a nightmare for those who are conducting and getting things done though it is once in 5 years. No, I am not talking about the politicians but I am talking about the employees who arrange all these.


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