Lonavala and more of it…

The one little destination to which I have already travelled thrice in the current year. It never ceases to amuse me. Each visit has a special memory attached and have given tons of pleasing moments. Now I know, where I want my future penthouse to be set up. 😀 Being at a 2.5 hour drive from where we stay, it is our favourite weekend getaway. Be it in couple or with friends, this place always has something new to discover and unwind. Now, before you get an impression that I am promoting tourism here, let me get it clear that I have collected so many moments here, that this destination deserves a separate post! So this one is strictly for personal consumption!

Image            One of our trips was in early January. We were on a night drive with friends and ended up impulsively driving all the way to Lonavala on a Saturday night. Winter still being around, Lonavala gave us one of our best night outs. And yes, it did not matter that we were in our ‘just-going-for-an-ice-cream’ pajamas and shorts. Dressing up has never been an issue with my close pals around. We love each other in ragged clothes as much as we do in evening gowns. But it surely earned us some weird glances from people around when we stopped to refuel the car and for a quick snack at a stopover on the way! Nonetheless the giggles never ceased further to the strangers’ petulance.

Of course, no trips are incomplete without a bit of adventure. We were caught by the night patrolling police. We weren’t really scared for drunk driving, because as a rule, none of the guys drink and drive. But the charge on us was that we were 6 people crammed in a car for permitted for 5! Seriously, Mr. Belly (the policeman had a huge one) haven’t you gone on a drive with your close pals? How are you supposed to travel in 2 different cars and possibly have the same amount of fun??! Screaming in the tunnels is so much fun when you are together with a bunch of mad people. Obviously this was my own soliloquy and I dared not to open my mouth in front of him. The guys of the gang were given the privilege. Finally he ‘fined’ us and let us go with a warning. Pheww! So we dropped the idea to further travel up to the Tiger point. Instead we stopped along a shack on the way, had piping hot maggi and cutting chai at 3 in the morning under the dark, star gazing sky. The feeling was indescribable. BFFs, cutting chai, windy night drive, hot maggi and the star spotted sky are an intoxicating combination itself. Makes you feel heady and serene at the same time.

The next trip was spent in the lap of luxury. Mr Husband and I went there on a weekend to celebrate our impending anniversary and also I needed a break after my encounter with the infamous jaundice. So we booked ourselves in the extravagant Fariyas Resort and all we did was relax and lie in the pool like buffaloes. OK! Not a perfect personification, still, I meant we just lazed around. We together even watched Animal Planet which was so damn interesting that I thought to myself why hadn’t we had the time to spend such ‘quality moments’ never once in two years of our wedding. (!) The trip was such a relaxing one, that I managed to resist the store next door which we were gifted coupons for. I even had a cashback facility on my card and had a strong urge to get some great bargain! Yet, Mr. Husband made sure we did no other activity than pamper ourselves, certainly not shopping! I was tempted atleast to have a look, but I gave it a pass.

The most recent trip to Lonavala was on the eve of Holi. I was feeling a little under weather on the day previous to my travel, but once I managed to start the trip, health only got better. I am more than glad that I did not give a miss to the trip. This one was totally the definition of fun. My mad gang as I call it, had rented a bungalow. Huge it was. We had fun playing cards till wee hours of the morning, dancing to the tunes of garba early in the morning, blaring music from the in house loudspeaker. We did not spare a single Honey Singh song and I have even managed to memorize lyrics of some. We drove all the way up to tiger point at 11 in the night and had a fabulous time. All we did this weekend was chatter and gossip a lot, have crazy drives and munched on food like gluttons! Calories?? What are they?! Fabulous time spent. Except that we had a tiny frog event wherein the creepy creature managed to sneak in our bungalow via the bathroom pot and scare the wits out of us. There was so much running and screaming around before the guys managed to pack it in a shoe box and throw it out shabbily. Only to find him in the pot of another bathroom the next day! This time we did nothing, but flushed and locked the bathroom door, never to open it again.

The place has given me so many fabulous moments and I am still not bored visiting it. Convenient and fun, Lonavala it is! Add a little fun and loads of friends, life breaks itself from a rut to show you it can be exciting as hell!

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11 Responses to Lonavala and more of it…

  1. Heta Gala says:

    Lonavala is really an awesome place 😉 I have been twice there and had enjoyed alot. Nice post 🙂


  2. rahilvora says:

    The joint trip was super
    Had a awesome time both time
    Tiger Point was super duper fun
    Hope to continue niteout soon with the gang but now to some new destination
    Its just a family and v love being around together……


  3. hemangfans says:

    Nice post. Lonavala is and will remain a good destination to enjoy in any type of weather. Next time try for Karjat … this is also an awesome place to visit.


  4. Nice post about Lonavala, but … no mention of its famous chikki? 🙂


    • Shweta says:

      Thanks PI… Ya I forgot to mention it.. It tastes damn yum… But didn’t trigger an emotion cuz wasn’t really a part of my memory… Have you tried the fudge?? It’s equally tasty!! 🙂


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