When Life doesnt have an answer…

I have been particularly upset over the news doing rounds for the Malaysian flight. Disappeared for over a week, no scientific inventions were able to track down the flight’s location. Somehow people found solace in assuming that it had been highjacked because the pilot was of a particular caste. Even jokes did circulate on WhatsApp and other social media making fun of the lost Boeing 777. Seriously people! Get a life.

My heart goes out to the family members of the ones traveling in the fateful flight. Uncertainty and helplessness is worse than a bad news. Nonetheless, they held on to the hope while the world continued its search. Finally their week long hopes were shattered, when as per a statement issued last night said that the flight crashed into some remote area of the Indian ocean. How did it reach there only God knows!! Such a painful and oblivious death. My condolences with relatives of the deceased.

Another piece of untimely death that has disturbed me was the one that happened very close to where I live. And the deceased were two kids aged 7 and 9. Apparently they were distant relatives of my aunt and I know the nuances of the accident better than the one published in the news. Crashing of the marble swing that they were playing on was the reason for their deaths. Such a cruel death wherein one of the kids was rushed to the hospital by the father of the other one, unaware of the fact that his own son lay dead under the marble pillar that crashed! He died on the spot and was found contorted under the marble debris which took 8 people to lift it! The family was in a state of shock. And plight of their moms! Undescribable!! One of them wasn’t able to accept it and was hell bent on buying a cricket kit for his son and was awaiting his arrival. All this when his father was making arrangements for his last rites! Both the deceased had sisters older to them by a couple of years. They were made to understand with great difficulty that their brothers would never return back. They tied rakhis for the last time on their wrists and mounted heaps of their saved chocolates beside their dead bodies. I get goosebumps even to think of the pain endured by their family.

Seriously what explanation does life have for these cruel instances. Accidents so bad that make you lose hope in goodness. Scars that leave a mark for a lifetime. How does one heal itself from such wounds? It is beyond my thinking. The week long I have been traumatized with such instances and each time a thought crosses my head a prayer escapes my lips to God for giving them strength that cannot be put in words!

Rest in peace!


About Shweta

An ambitious professional who loves working in a corporate as much as she loves spending time with family. Pursues writing as a passion and writes for stuff that closely touch the heart!
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14 Responses to When Life doesnt have an answer…

  1. When the bottle of hope gets emptied, then the scar becomes permanent. But thats the way life goes on i.e. pain might go away leaving behind the scar which will remain till the time runs out.


  2. Shweta says:

    That is what always happens and will keep on happening…
    Karma plays a role in everything we do!
    But just like times like these, the heart blanks out and pleads the universe to be good! 😐


  3. Deeti Sirodaria says:

    Rest in peace to dem… Very true nd well said Shweta..


  4. rahilvora says:

    Superbly expressed
    Lets pray together to gain strength for the family who are shocked to the event happened!!!


  5. hemangfans says:

    Shweta…. i think you should not think much on this. As there are 100s and 1000s dieing somewhere or the other everyday. I do understand the pain which the family members goes thru but thinking too much and getting traumatised does not help. Instead think for the ones who are still with you. My deepest condolence for their family. Above are my views …. sorry for being lil harsh.


    • Shweta says:

      There are times in your life when your mind blanks out and forces you to get up from your reverie and sit back and think. Death is a great teacher. It makes you ponder and teaches you not to take your life for granted.
      And may I just add, that 100s and 1000s die, but a sharp ache in our heart is caused only when it is someone close to us! God forbid, but death is the only constant in life.
      Yet, I feel a sense of loss, each time I am aware of instances like this. It’s the way I have been conditioned. But I do not ignore the ones alive and happy in the grief of ones lost! Life teaches you to move on.
      Nonetheless I went ahead and published this as an ode to the ones who lost their lives. It cannot bring them back for sure, but if they are watching from above, they know that their families are present in my prayers!


  6. Prachee says:

    this post brought tears to my eyes…can’t say anything more…


  7. Anu Shah says:

    There is no certainty of Life for sure. If you wake up and see sun, that’s your Day !!!… Really sad to read about both kids. Missing Malaysia flight is such a mystery, All I can say is Rest In Peace.
    I came to your blog, searching for updates on Malaysia flight.


  8. sweetyshinde says:

    The flippant mockery & thoughtless jibes in many FB posts made me feel sicker than the actual plane crash. I agree with you completely.


    • Shweta says:

      One of the many hazards of social networking… You don’t get material to update.. You end up mocking the dead!!! Sad insensitive state of minds!!


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