A Dream Trip

Since times immemorial, it has been my dream to travel around the world. To cover new and exotic destinations. The holiday we plan doesn’t have to be hideously pocket burning, but serenity and something new to leave me spellbound is my top priority while deciding on a destination. I am an advance planner when it comes to trips. I do not believe travelling to a place with a touch and go attitude. I may include few places, but will enjoy and explore the place in and out.

So when Blogadda gave me the chance to visit a dream destination – Malaysia, I jumped on the boat the next minute. And boy! Was I spellbound when I surfed for the images on the internet!! Gosh! Wide eyed is the state I can describe myself exactly. Wait till you see the pictures yourself. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Malaysia gets much less attention than it probably deserves. It is one of the few destinations which gives you a new experience every day. Be it romance, adventure, peace, serenity and even shopping. The places I would *Love* to experience in Malaysia would be:

The Perhentian Islands to snorkel and spot the sharks:
PerhentianFrom the time I came to know that here I can snorkel with the sharks, adrenaline rushed through me. I have forever heard that the sharks are not man-eaters, not until they’ve tasted human blood. I will want to experience this, cross my fingers that they haven’t tasted human blood, say a prayer, put on my snorkeling mask and begin my expedition. I can feel my hair stand on their ends even while imagining doing this! And imagine the pleasure, when you can actually spot a shark in there and live to tell the tale! Besides, adventure and the peace of an island is a combination that nothing else can beat.

Taman Negara to visit the world’s oldest tropical rainforest and walk the canopy
Taman_Negara_Canopy_WalkwayAfter the blue beaches, it is time to experience nature’s bountiful greenery. And Malaysia boasts of having the best and the oldest Tropical Rainforest. It ages hundreds of millions of years and with this the flora – fauna it offers is unbeatable and truly a visual treat. So is the adventure of walking the world’s longest canopy walkway and having the forests view from up above. A definite must experience place.

MountKinabaluImagine climbing this mountain and the sun rays kissing your face! A surreal experience. All you need is a trip to Malaysia, a reasonable level of fitness and a tour guide to help you climb through. One more feather added to the Malaysian cap you don. The elevated height and the elevation of your successful climb is a dizzy combination I sure would want to experience!

Visiting the Gunung Mulu National Park to see the razor-sharp limestone spikes.
800px-Pinnacles_at_Mulu_2Apart from the diverse flora and fauna, this national park even provides us a caving experience. The Pinnacles here are fifty-meter-high razor-sharp limestone spikes. These are totally not worth a miss!!! An experience which may be available in select tourism places in the world.

Shopping expedition in Kuala Lumpur
malaysiaNow if you think Malaysia is all about adventure, you seem to have it got wrong. The capital of Malaysia, satisfies all your needs of pampering yourself in luxury, having sumptuous yet romantic dinners and shopping till you drop. Excellent malls and the colorful street markets makes you shop like a dream! The city offers you even an exciting nightlife to make your trip worthwhile. After all the adventure, it’s time to soak in the pleasures that Malaysia offers! A visit to Kuala Lumpur and spoiling yourself bad marks a successful trip.

Langkawi Beaches to unwind
langakawiI was about to list only 5 experiences, but beaches being my heart and soul, I cannot possible miss Langkawi’s pristine views for the world! A sure place to visit and spend serenely peaceful days. Unraveling nature’s language through hearing the waves splashing on the white sand beaches. Oh! Just thinking about it transports me to divinity.

Scuba and snorkeling – water adventures – Checked; Mountain Climbing – Checked; Trekking and wildlife adventure – Checked; Cave sighting – Checked; Shopping, pampering, eating to hearts content – Checked. A holiday experience giving you the best of all worlds. A holiday to Malaysia is a must visit in every travelers wishlist. It has some of the richest diversity of experiences in Southeast Asia. As they coherently say, Malaysia – Truly Asia. Lives up to its defining words!

I am participating in the MalaysiaJao Blogathon Contest in association with BlogAdda.com.


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An ambitious professional who loves working in a corporate as much as she loves spending time with family. Pursues writing as a passion and writes for stuff that closely touch the heart!
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6 Responses to A Dream Trip

  1. Heta Gala says:

    Fingers crossed ..nice post


  2. Khushboo says:

    Scuba diving and snorkelling sounds amazing! All the best Shweta 🙂


  3. Ananya Kiran says:

    Nicely written …All the best for the contest !


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