Open Letter

Dear Jaundice,

Thank you for giving me company for all of fifteen days and more. You were uninvited and ugly, yet being courteous that I am, I thank you for the visit. No, it does not mean that I want you to revisit me, I just want to convey that you have not been entirely waste. No matter that you confined me in the closed doors of my house and you made my body weak as hell, no matter you took away my inspiration and will to work, think and act, likewise you also deprived me of the junk and spices that I absolutely love. However, you have been a great teacher and have taught me many things which I may have been ignoring or not being able to pay heed to in the very busy life that I lead.

You taught me that moms are an epitome of unconditional love and care. Nothing in the world can come even close. Even mom-in-laws are. When you decided to accompany me, they were the ones whose laps were a saving grace.

You made me realize that staying with your family and having them around in times of need are privileges enjoyed by the lucky ones, and yes I am one of them. A little ‘thank you’ to the kind one up there who has blessed me with a fabulous family and an amazing set of friends.

You taught me never to boast about the leave balance that you are going to encash at the year end. One visit from you or your fellows can wipe off the yearly balance in no time.

Having a great boss and good colleagues are a boon. Thank god that I am blessed with both. And I missed going to office each day of my ill-health. Yes, I am definitely not the staying at home types and yearned for my computer and reports.

However junk-foodie that I am, you taught me the hard way that gorging greedily on pani puris is not always a great idea. It may render your food without oil, ghee and spices for a full 2 months.

You also made me realize, how much ever I have cribbed about the Mumbai locals and the fast paced city life, I have yearned every moment of it. Also, the brightest ideas and inspirations for my blog posts have been conceived in the locals. Such an indispensable part of my life it is and I am more than glad.

And the most important thing that you have brought in front of me is no matter how I may often be annoyed about Mr. Husband not being as romantic as others, how he is a pain when it comes to arranging surprises and blah! But when it comes to taking care of me, he does it like I am a little kid, he pampers and fusses around even after a tiring day at work, he takes care of my ill-headed tantrums even when I am being unreasonable, all this and more without even trying to take credit for the same even once. Dear Jaundice, you made me know that he loves me to bits and how ungrateful I am to keep on cribbing.

Now, having thanked you enough, let me tell you that I am *desperately* waiting for you to leave. I want my healthy self back and I promise not to miss you one bit. Please go soon and however rude I may sound, I do NOT want you to visit me or my family or my friends or for that matter, anyone in this world, (asking for too much, eh?!) in this lifetime.


The one who is eagerly awaiting your departure! :mrgreen:


About Shweta

An ambitious professional who loves working in a corporate as much as she loves spending time with family. Pursues writing as a passion and writes for stuff that closely touch the heart!
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9 Responses to Open Letter

  1. rahilvora says:

    Good 1
    Now take care aleast for more few days
    N keep resting other than office time
    All d Best


  2. Heta Gala says:

    Haha.. Get well soon shwet. Loved reading it.


  3. hemangfans says:

    Nice one … loved reading it… u converted ur illness into a lesson …. get well soon.


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