…that is the state of my mind right now. I am very very pissed because my WordPress login aint seem to be working fine. I cannot comment on other blog posts.

So each day when my WP reader displays the amazing posts from bloggers I follow, all I can do is lurk around, read their blogs and stay mum. There is so much I want to say, so much I want to share, congratulate them on winning Blogadda contests, disagree on some point in their post, appreciate their thoughts, but all I can do is sit, read and sulk!

Whenever I try to post comments on other blogs, the comments vanish. No, seriously they actually vanish. Initially I thought that the comments were not being approved by the post authors, and I would sit and prod whether there was any derogatory stuff that I had commented or had I pulled a raw nerve and that is the reason the comments weren’t approved. But it kept on happening on every post I commented on. I even tried re-posting again, but it showed, “Duplicate Comment Detected” And I wanted to shout: Hell yes! Because you are not posting my comment in the first place so I have to try again and again and again.  I tried using different browsers too. Laugh if you may, but I even tried different computers! I know I Know, I don’t come across as so dumb, but I was desperate. I posted on WordPress support forums, I googled about solutions, cleared cookies from the browser (oh, I am not such a techie! That was one of the solutions offered!) But to no avail!

Now I am mad and angry and annoyed and irritated. The only saving grace being that I can at least reply to comments of people posting on my blogs! Thank God for that, else I would have come across as snobbish and arrogant,*shudder* which, of course I am not!

Anyone reading this, If you have a solution then *please* mail/comment! I need to get it resolved. And you may be my only hope. Sigh. Till then, I will wait for things to be OK by themselves and keep lurking around!

And for people who DO NOT understand how bad it is, let me give you an example. What will be your state of mind if you are not able to post status updates on FB or you cannot check in to the various upmarket and fancy places you are visiting?! Exactly the same feeling this is. Heartbreaking! 😦


About Shweta

An ambitious professional who loves working in a corporate as much as she loves spending time with family. Pursues writing as a passion and writes for stuff that closely touch the heart!
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3 Responses to Aaarrrgghhh….

  1. Veens says:

    Oh… that is really horrible! I am not sure what can be done, but have you tried changing your password by clicking the forgot password thing? and then tried re-login or something.
    I can feel your desperation, I was on blogger first .. and one fine morning I decided to install intensedebate for my comments onthe blog and then another fine morning I decided i did not like it as much and uninstalled it – and guess what happened? ALL the comments just vanished – i re-installed that intensedebate – but my comments NEVER came back… I was heart broken – I was so desperate that i went to gmail copy pasted some of the comments :-/ but it didnot make sense 😦 😦 So i jumped to wordpress… and i hope nothing like that EVER happens to ANYONE 🙂


    • Shweta says:

      Thanks Veens! I *just* knew someone would definitely understand 🙂

      I did change the passwords and try and shared it with one of my friends. And that’s how it worked 🙂

      I don’t find the connection between the two things, but I am just glad that it started working. 🙂 🙂


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