I am dizzy and unable to think straight. I cannot even see straight. The room dances in front of me.  No, this is not a mind frame of someone hopelessly in love. It is the state of health that I am in now. Anyone who knows me well will vouch that I am a fair bit of workaholic and will not excuse myself from office, unless I inevitably have to. Yesterday morning when I woke up with a usual Monday Morning Blue syndrome, there was something worse than all Monday Mornings. Surely, the blue-ness can’t be making me puke.

I had a fun Sunday with helping around my cousins for their fun fair on account of republic day celebrations in their building, however the day ended with a throbbing head after all the running around and munching on junks. Waking up next morning was tiring and to make it worse, I was vomiting my guts out. My head throbbed like it will explode and I was in constant trance.

This has been happening quite a lot lately. I have no stress, whatsoever with regard to work, since my office, colleagues and boss are really cool and the work environment pretty decent. Agreed, I tend to run around a LOT during the week, constantly shuttling between home to office and back, but that’s what ‘normalcy’ means to me. Weekends are tightly packed with socials and outings. Barring the late mornings in weekends, the whole day ends amidst buzz, and before we know, we are already struggling with weekdays when we wake up.

My body is now showing repercussions about all the choc-a-block schedules and erratic eating habits. The exertions, hunger pangs and exposure to sun and lack of sleep leave me with headaches and vomiting. There were times when I would be happily awake till wee hours of morning and the body wouldn’t complain a wee bit. Now, lack of sleep takes a toll and pushes me in a zombie mode. Earlier no amount of running around was ever too much, and now my feet stop in tracks forcing me to stay put.

Day on day, it tells me not to take my health lightly, to give up on junk and sleepless night overs and to begin exercising. I guess it’s time I pay heed, read the signs and do not take my health for granted, for it has started revolting and rebelling. It forces me to bog down, bring down the curtains and stay in bed all day long with eyes shut and body immovable. My tummy rumbles saying it is hungry, but as soon as I feed it, it throws everything out! Sigh!

And you, my beloved readers, are getting an insight on my gross health issues, so that you pray and share some love and words of kindness as a balm to my wretched health!


About Shweta

An ambitious professional who loves working in a corporate as much as she loves spending time with family. Pursues writing as a passion and writes for stuff that closely touch the heart!
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8 Responses to Ageing

  1. hemangfans says:

    Get well soon ….. and start exercising daily …..


  2. Shweta says:

    Thank You! 🙂
    A better health is one of my topmost priorities this year! 😐


  3. Heta Gala says:

    Saying you since long to take care. No one can better know than me how you must be feeling 😦 . Get well soon!


  4. Veens says:

    Ahhh well! I feel *ditto*! Earlier it would not bother my day if I hda a really late night – but now I cannot! A good nights sleep and one day off is imperative to get me through the week and I don’t even work anymore loL! I am trying out this new thing in which I sleep early say 9 or 10 and wake up early and have some me time (read blog time :D) First day I kept the alarm, switched it off and slept somemore… and now I have sleep overload issues :-/ I will let you know if something works for me lol!


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