It is one of the most predominant quality in my mom. She is one woman who might give an impression of a 50 year old who is all of 5 feet tall and a little weak with all the running around taking care of us! She will walk with a limp when she says her legs ache with acute pain, but she will scale mountains once she decides it. Literally scale mountains! And her sisters are the same. I guess this will power is something that they have inherited from my grandma. The mountain climbing is a genetic thing, I sometimes wonder.

Before you get an impression that my mom is a trek enthusiast, please forgive me for I break your misconceptions. She is very much a homemaker with zero enthusiasm for any adventure sport. But she is a staunch follower of Jainism. There are many things, religion wise, which she follows that irk me no end and I don’t find reasons. But her conviction is unmoved and unfazed. She follows them with a strictness I am in awe of! I may not agree to everything she says, but nonetheless, I respect her choices. I have always believed everyone has their own way to communicate with God.

Before we change tracks, let me tell you that this post is about a feat that she has achieved which has left me speechless and spellbound. She has upped her benchmark conviction by leaps. A record of sorts for herself! She is on a pilgrimage to Shatrunjaya mountains (one of the holiest places for devout Jains) and has climbed all of 3800 steps; 7 times in 2 days. And that too without intake of a single drop of water or food! For the record, it makes an elevated journey of approx. 3.5 kilometers with a fasting for two consecutive days! Hats off. I am so darn proud of her. It is humanly impossible for me even to think of daring something like this. And she has done it, all by sheer willpower!

A shiver runs down my spine as I even think of what she must have endured during these two days. Rocky roads, parched throats, hunger pangs, swollen feet and more. She has gone through each of this just to put her beliefs and will powers to test! And all I can do in gape in astonishment when she talks to me with pride about how it was God who made this possible for her. And when I ask, how her health is, she replies with a smile, “I am all OK beta, just that my feet have swollen a little”

I salute and bow in honour of this fabulous and strong lady, whom I proudly call my Mom!

PS: She has undertaken this pilgrimage with 400 others of different age groups, all of whom have done similar fasts with 7 times climbing of  the holy Shatrunjaya mountain. A bow, for all of them!


About Shweta

An ambitious professional who loves working in a corporate as much as she loves spending time with family. Pursues writing as a passion and writes for stuff that closely touch the heart!
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16 Responses to Willpower

  1. Rahil Vora says:

    KhUB KhuB anumodana
    Jai Giriraj
    Its bcoz of once will.power as the place is pure and divine and it has the power to convert pple strength n will power to reach the destination.
    its shows us how holiest place is our mountain where our wishes are accepted…(so called dreams) get converted to reality.

    Jai Jinendra
    Jai Giriraj.


  2. Heta Gala says:

    Too good and hats off to everyone. Even I have been to this place during my school days and have climbed the stairs without food or water but only once. Nice post shweta 🙂


  3. Tushar Dhanwani says:

    There is no comparison of mom with this world, mom is always been compaired with god, i love my mom infinite n i pray for everyone’s mom shud be happy n healthy with their family n kids god bless 😉😊😊


  4. hemangfans says:

    Its really a big thing to do such at this age. I remember, i have been twice to Mata Vaishno Devi darshan bare foot and that too in December month where Winter is at its peak and had water only till i get the darshan.


    • Shweta says:

      Faith makes you reach heights! 🙂
      And ya, awestruck at mom’s feat because I know her limits and the heights she can endure her body to! 🙂 😛
      God’s grace is all I say!


  5. vinit gandhi says:

    n m proud of u to be able to express this so neatly.. wah blogger wahh… 🙂


  6. Vidhi says:

    Hats off to ur mom…even i did before 3 years


  7. jetal mehta says:

    Superb wilpower yar…… Hats off to aunty nd ur father who allowed her to do such a dangerous thng at this age….. Really its amazing….. Tc of her


  8. kitchenmummy says:

    Your mom is truly a hero 🙂


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