I do not believe in making resolutions. Rather I do not make them because I end up breaking them and as the year progresses, I even forget that I was supposed to follow some ‘resolution’. Hah! See the amount of dedication I have when resolutions are concerned. 😉

This year, I have decided to give a break to my make-and-break-resolutions routine. Rather, I thought to make a bucket list for the year. I know a bucket list is normally for a lifetime, but generally my wishes tend to change over a time period. So I thought, starting off with one year will be achievable. This list consists of things I want to do, of free will rather than someone implanting their ideas in my head. I hope that when I am sitting and prodding over 2014 retrospectively, maximum items in this list will be striked off, because knowing me, I have been average ambitious and tried to create a relatively ‘realistic’ list!

Bucket List - 2014

So, here we go with MY BUCKET LIST – 2014

Get a new phone
The Blackberry which is my constant companion since the last two years is betraying me. The battery sucks. Charges itself for four hours and drains in two! The applications are moody and work as if they are doing a favour on me! The camera. Oh never mind! The phone *has to* reboot itself when I am having an interesting conversation. To cut a long story short, I NEED a new phone. Currently contemplating options.

Lose some part of the developing paunch.
This does not translate to being thin. It is much more than that. I have given up on the ‘being thin’ ambition long ago. So this pointer in my bucket just is to reduce the ungrateful and ugly paunch that is making all my favourite tops shy away in the wardrobe! Stop storing fat, dear tummy, will you?

A trip to Leh
I have been wanting to go on a road trip to Leh since long. This year, I am certain I want to do this. I have been google-ing (?) itineraries, the best time to visit and blah! The more I surf it on the internet, the more it craves me to visit this destination. Want to get lost in nature’s beauty, click lots of pictures and make memories. It is nothing short of a dream trip. I feel a chill even when I write this!

Join a computer course
I never want to stop learning. There is so much to grasp and it never ends. I want to take out time for myself and devote to learn a new course in computers. Knowing me, it may do something with creativity. Photoshop, animations, Corel draw, etc. Be it anything, one course for sure!

Go on a Trek
I keep on surfing the trekking sites and yearn to go on one. Believe it or not, I am all of 26 years and have not been on ONE single trek. Shameful! Yes, I know it is. And as I am getting older, I see my chances diminishing. So, before it is too late and my legs refuse to climb and before I start getting too much out of breath, one trek it is, this year!

Read a lot
I find solace in books. They take my imagination to a world where there are no boundaries. I want to read a lot this year and complete 100 books on my list by the end of 2014. Currently on my 58th book!!

There is a certain peace in penning down things. I feel a surge of happiness every time I publish a post on this blog. The comments excite me no end. I wish to be more regular on the blog. Read lots of my favourite bloggers and keep on improving myself in this space. More than anything else, I want to keep blogging just for the love of it and never outgrow this habit.

I have been ignoring my health for long, or rather taking it for granted. Thus have been blessed with out of breath moments, weakness and less stamina at such a young age. I vow to take care of my health and fitness this year. Exercising, going for walks and building stamina are top priorities to take care of!

Plan a trip with my Gang!
Whoever even remotely knows me, knows my penchant for close friends. I particularly want to plan a trip with my bestest girlfriends and their spouses! We haven’t been on even one. 😦 This pointer in my bucket seems to be the most toughest one since we are so intervened amongst ourselves that even a short trip seems to be something asking for more! There were years when we were inseparable and the journey called life has been meddling so much that our ways are parallel but seldom meet.

Visit an orphanage
The joy of giving cannot be better explained than visiting a place with God’s favourite children. I have visited an orphanage in 2012 and the experience was no less than enriching. When we crib about our parents intervening in our affairs, we should see these children who are learning to walk in their lives without parents’ supports. It is bloody tough yet they manage to give you the purest of smiles and the vastest of happiness.

This pretty much sums up the list of things I wish to do in 2014. What are your wishes for the year?


About Shweta

An ambitious professional who loves working in a corporate as much as she loves spending time with family. Pursues writing as a passion and writes for stuff that closely touch the heart!
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18 Responses to BUCKET LIST – 2014

  1. hemangfans says:

    pretty small list and can be achievable in within few months …
    1. for new phone … am telling CP to help u buy one this weekend. 2. road trip to Leh … means starting from Mumbai to Leh by road ? and May-June is the best time to visit Leh. 3. Computer course ka settting karva deta hoon …. 4. Orphanage visit also will arrange for u … so i think out of 10 4 seems to be completed. Rest you will have to manage on your own .. 🙂


    • Shweta says:


      Not small, realistic is what I call it!!

      1. I have asked CP to order it, but it may take a couple of more weeks 😦
      2. Not from Mumbai, Srinagar to Leh by roads.
      3. LOL. No setting. I actually want to LEARN for the love of it! Let me decide which course, though. Drop in the suggestions
      4. Orphanage visit – Will arrange one. In due time.

      And also strike of the rest by the year end! Hopefully

      Thanks for the comment and go now, prepare your wishlist 🙂 I gave you a topic to blog about!! 🙂 🙂


      • hemangfans says:

        1. btw which is that unique model which will take couple of more weeks ? specially make to order 🙂
        2. Setting means the classes which u can join and what content to go for.

        My wishlist …hmmmm … aahhhhh …. sochna padega …. 🙂


        • Shweta says:

          Haha! Havent you read how many ages I take to decide upon something?! Surely u know 🙂 BTW CP told me it will take a couple of more weeks. I am smelling something fishy here. Is it coming next week?? *yaya!*

          And for the computers, thank you.


  2. Tushar Dhanwani says:

    Even i have plans for leh n ladhak the trip starts in June i m planning to go this year


  3. Tushar Dhanwani says:

    Even i have plans for leh n ladhak the trip starts in June i m planning to go this year the temperature is below ur expectations so not that easy 😉


  4. Rahil Vora says:


    We have many things in common

    Change a Phone

    1 things addon on my part is
    searching my betterhalf(v.imp)

    Hope all goes well at different time pace and at regular interval according to priority.

    Dnt Frgt me !!!

    indeed we will have a grt tym in this year too…..

    All D Best to both.of us
    God pls do.shower ur blessings so.we can keep on.growing…..

    luv n luck
    Rahil Vora


  5. “This list consists of things I want to do, of free will rather than someone implanting their ideas in my head.” <– I like that you said this. Your goals should be your own. It's okay to decide you want to do something after you heard it from someone else, but it's difficult to get motivated to do something someone told you they think you should do because it's something that excites them instead of you. You'll get this a lot when you talk about your list. ("You should have ___ on there too – I always wanted to do ___ and we can do it together!") Sometimes you'll want to add it, other times it's going to stay on their list and not make it to yours. That's okay.

    I had some thoughts for resources that might help you with a few of the goals, but having a list of my own, I also know that sometimes it's important to accomplish them in the way you envisioned. Let me know if you would be okay with me sharing the resources. I won't tell you how to do them, just give some suggestions of what may be able to help.


  6. Dilip says:

    Reading your ‘To Do’ list makes me feel like doing a few myself.
    (1) Visit an orphanage and do some small thing for the kids.
    (2) A Trek, yes it’s been long since I did.
    Thanks and best 🙂


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