A Typical Winter Weekday…

…is snoozing the alarm at least twice in the morning before waking up from the warm bed in a frenzy of getting late for work!

..is completing kitchen cores in a haste, right from the boiling of milk, preparing lunch, soaking clothes and brooming the floors! It also includes packing of lunch tiffins for both, Mr. Husband and me.

..is having garam ginger chai with khakhra for breakfast. Spending a luxurious 8 minutes on breakfast, considering it being the most important meal to drag you through the remaining day!

..is racing Mr. Husband for the bath!

…is getting ready for office. This does NOT mean applying make-up and stuff, but at least ‘trying’ to look presentable enough that they permit me in the office premises!!

…is showering some cusswords on the autowallahs because they refuse to drive us to the station, even when we are already running late. Every single day.

..is running breathlessly to catch the next local train. Darn! You missed the last one just by a minute. Only if better sense prevailed to the autowallah.Yes, the blame game starts!

..is travelling hurriedly to the office. Point 5 of trying to look presentable in vain, because by the time you descend the train you represent a scarecrow. Almost

..is working in inhuman air-conditioned temperatures in office with your jacket on! Oh! It also means full usage of the free Wi-Fi and the awesome internet speeds when you are relatively free from working on your reports.

..is struggling from office to home, again in the locals! Phew! Crashing on the couch for a full 2 minutes, gulping down water, freshening up and getting ready for cooking dinner!! I can bet Milkha Singh to beat me in this chore. *wink wink*

..is having piping hot food and dining in pleasure with the family and sharing daily gossips. Cleaning the kitchen after dinner seems like a task! The tap water, brrr… freezing cold.

..is breathing for 10 minutes before Mr. Husband is suddenly calorie conscious after gobbling up all the food that he decides to go for a walk or a round of badminton!

..is realizing that even *you* are getting fat and decide to join him on his walk. (Hell! Who am I kidding? He will not go without dragging me along. It is nice, in a way. Else I will not even think of lifting my lazy arse off the couch and end up expanding)

…is (sometimes) being guilty of having ice cream candies with the cool wind blowing in your face. The calorie burning exercise goes for a toss and in fact even backfires!!Who cares?!  An ice cream on a shivering cold night is Happiness. Try it someday!

..is crashing on the bed and falling asleep instantly only to realize it is late and waking up the next morning will nothing be less than an excruciating task! Mentally praying, “God please turn the next day to a weekend!!”

How much of this reflects in your day???


About Shweta

An ambitious professional who loves working in a corporate as much as she loves spending time with family. Pursues writing as a passion and writes for stuff that closely touch the heart!
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2 Responses to A Typical Winter Weekday…

  1. Tushar Dhanwani says:

    Very nicely written by the way happy makar sankarant , winter almost gone now 😊😊


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