Of Secret Santa and Surprise Gifts….

Come Christmas and my mood switches itself in the festive mode. It may largely be due to the school I studied in was a Catholic institution and Christmas was more about celebrations than holidays. Christmas has always excited me since I was a child. I, even secretly like to believe that Santa Clauses are for real!! 😛

This Christmas, I impulsively decided to play Secret Santa for Mr. Husband. While coming back home after toiling at office, I stopped at a gadget store and on impulse got a portable charger for him. A power bank for your cell phone’s battery may not excite you as a potential surprise gift that you may be willing to gift someone. But the age old Blackberry phone that he is using has a battery life ranging anywhere in between horrible to pathetic!! Also, I am not really an impulsive shopper and specially not into gadgets. So, buying this was a one off for me. When I bought this, I almost made the shopkeeper to sign an agreement about taking it on an exchange basis. By the time I was out of the shop I could visualize that a few hair vanished from his head after dealing with me :mrgreen:

ImageComing Back to the surprise part. When it was 12, I hid the gift in his pillow cover and decided to play Sherlock! I gave him a chit with a coded message to find his Christmas Gift. What? That way, I am still a kid, no? But the spoilsport that he is, he found it in a fraction of second and even guessed it just like that!! Am I so predictable?!! 😡 If I would have been in his place, I would have *atleast* tried to act surprised! 🙄 Meh! Although he loved the gift and was all thankful about it, I resolve not to try the surprising act on him anymore and get disappointed. 😎 This is the nth number of time he has guessed my ‘supposedly surprise’ gift in the first guess! Bah! No more guess games for me.

No points for guessing that he himself is a hopeless at arranging surprises. So he took me out shopping! Gift for a gift, no? 😉 Christmas shopping is always a pain. Right from the traffic, chaos in the shopping malls, infinite queues in the trial rooms and the billing counter! He endured all of it, just to buy me a gift! Yes, he is cute that ways! 😀 Ok. I agree, I almost forced him to get me something for Christmas. No, not at gunpoint, but I have my ways 😉 Well, all of this is immaterial when I finally got a *drool-worthy* dress. 😛 Now only if I get to wear it at an awesome 31st night party, I will be happiest for this year. Next wishes in 2014. 😉

Merry Christmas Guys.

Have you tried playing a Secret Santa for anyone? It is super fun! Go, try!! 🙂


About Shweta

An ambitious professional who loves working in a corporate as much as she loves spending time with family. Pursues writing as a passion and writes for stuff that closely touch the heart!
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7 Responses to Of Secret Santa and Surprise Gifts….

  1. Anonymous says:


    all.d best for 2014

    merry christmas
    Happy nEw year


  2. hemangfans says:

    areee y extra battery ? new iPhone would have been a perfect gift for ur hubby 🙂 just kidding … but good one …. we had this secret santa in our office last year and it was fun …


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