And so…

…..the vacation at Mom’s gets over with lots of sleep, shopping, chatting, yum food and laziness. Of course the spoilers being a couple of social functions. I have now got used to them as much as travelling in Mumbai Locals. Tiring but inevitable.

…finally met buddies from my old residential place whom I had lost contact with. It really brings me joy to know that groom hunting for J, marriage for me and motherhood for N has not changed us so much and all 3 of us chatted till early hours of morning as though the world did not matter. Sleepovers with gossiping girls is the greatest stress buster. Ever. We also had an adorable 5 month old with us. (N bought her cute little daughter along and she is totally a star kid!)

…I know Mr. Husband is as unorganized as a hostel kid. My room represented a bachelor’s studio with clothes all over when I was back. And the cupboard, a mess! The coming weekend will be spent sorting out the stuff. Ugh!

…I realized that he missed me as much. What’s with calling daily and asking at least once: When are you coming back??!! Cute. Yes, he is! Only if he was missing me and was not eager that I was away! 😐 That reminds me to ask him when I am back home!

….mom bugged me about parenting and having kids early and the right time and blah blah…!

…The Brother was here for a day and had amazing stories from his MBA Diaries and his tour to Ahmedabad for his Coffee with SIBM event. Time and again I miss having a hostel life. I live it through his tales.

…I totally and really love Koffee with Karan. The Brother tells me its just mindless gossip, yet accompanies me to watch it. Dad tells me watch the news instead. Whats with watching AAP and Congress fight! Instead the silly banter between Kareena and Ranbir was amusing. And Karan’s wisecracks. And the rapid fire round. And the coffee hamper. OK. Stop.

….I got rubbed by mom’s love for Kapil Sharma of Comedy Nights with Kapil fame. She never misses a show. Hell, she even laughs as much while watching the repeat telecasts. Totally star struck. I realized even I loved watching him and so instantly liked his page on FB. Being Socially Active. True that!

…my dad tried all tricks to wake me up early in the morning and accompany him for a walk. So much for being a tad healthy! Hmph! But most days he overslept and missed his walks and other days he saw me sleeping like an angel and let me be! So I ended up not going for a walk and eating and getting fat! *grin*

…I learnt that shopping with mom requires lots of patience and a cool mind. She is very specific and always confused. I guess I am the same. Hats off to Mr. Husband who is always eager, patient and willing to take me out shopping. Thank you. Else you would see me roaming around in same stuff for years and years and years.

…I realized that I love staying at mom’s; but there is an unknown peace in coming back home. Yeah, being married is not so bad after all.

…I start missing mom and dad immediately after the stay was over. Sigh! Ever confused and pinning for people who are not around. Well, that’s me.

And so…this was an attempt at a totally random post after being inspired by the fabulous R.


About Shweta

An ambitious professional who loves working in a corporate as much as she loves spending time with family. Pursues writing as a passion and writes for stuff that closely touch the heart!
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2 Responses to And so…

  1. parul shirodaria says:

    Just a perfect universal feeling of having two houses filled with very own ppl n missing them the same way when away …

    Welcome to the party 🙂


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