Being Plump

Before my wedding happened, almost 2 years back; I had a fairly great metabolism. I don’t know why do I keep comparing my weight with my life event, but it seems to be true! Now, there are people telling me all around that they do not recognize me because I have put on. I mean, yes, I have become plump; I agree but will you please stop exaggerating about it? My dad-in-law takes pride in the fact. Mom-in-law covers me up by lying that I am almost same as before. Mr. Husband is always joking about it and apologizes with a puppy face when he sees I am getting mad. My dad teases me a lot, but is glad that I am ‘healthy’. My mom is worried that the heavy dresses we bought during the trousseau will not fit me anymore! And The Brother has now rechristened me as “Jaadu” (again meaning fat!!) He doesn’t stop pulling my cheeks when he is around. 😳

God! Why is being plump so embarrassing? I guess I don’t so much mind being old, as I mind being fat. When I look at my pictures during college, I cannot believe it is me. Rather it just looks like my shadow. I looked lame. My face looked like I was pulling in air! Not exaggerating it a bit! And that is when I come close to knowing why people don’t recognize me. But yes, I believe plump suits me better than looking anorexic. I like the curvy me more than the stick-thin me. But I know I need to stop now. There is a fine line between being curvy and being fat. I am exactly trending on that right now.

My most embarrassing moment till date is also associated with being plump, which propelled me to write this post. The other day I met someone from my first part time job (almost 6 years back) and he said he did not recognize me because initially I was slim like agarbatti!! (aargh!!) 😐 He even had the guts to compare me to an incense stick!! (whoever talked of being polite) I was all pink in the face. We made a quick exit. Mr. Husband couldn’t stop laughing and completed the sentence. Initially you were an agarbatti (incense stick ) which has now transformed in a mombatti (candle)!! No points for guessing, yes! I hit him, hard!!! But the comparison did actually amuse me. 😛 Go, laugh!

Hormonal changes, hectic lifestyle, junk food, sitting at a computer desk all day, no exercises etc. etc. Excuses is all I have.  But it doesn’t change the fact (sigh!) What do you do when there is fat which does not budge to leave you as if it has taken a vow to be your partner for life. But I can’t seem to stop eating. No, seriously. Hunger is something that makes me feel sick. I have to put some food or fruits in my mouth every couple of hours. My tolerance for hunger has vanished. 5 years back, my mom actually had to remind me to eat. I was unaware of an emotion called Hunger. And now, talk about changes, hunger is the strongest emotion in me. 😆

The worst part of all the fatness is starting to get a paunch. I have come to hate shopping for clothes. What I like, doesn’t fit me! There was once a time, when I used to eat tons of butter and cheese and still was proud of my waist size! And now, sigh! Even after cutting down, (OK- trying to cut down) on fats doesn’t help. The weighing scale has become my greatest fright. Why, oh why I can’t have the metabolism as before!!

The 2013 new year’s resolution was to lose weight! I guess it did not work. Infact, it almost backfired!! The only thing I gained in 2013 was weight! 😉 So, come 2014 and a more achievable resolution would be : I will try not to increase my weight from this level! Fingers crossed! Wish me luck.

And before the new year starts, start ordering cakes and pizzas and loads of chocolates and candies. It’s Christmas time folks! Let the festivities begin. Whoever thinks of such depressing resolutions? 😉 They are meant after the new year starts! *wink wink* 2014, please be kind. 🙂


About Shweta

An ambitious professional who loves working in a corporate as much as she loves spending time with family. Pursues writing as a passion and writes for stuff that closely touch the heart!
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13 Responses to Being Plump

  1. hemangfans says:

    “Khata pita ghar ni bahu che tu” … this saying goes well with u 🙂


  2. Tushar Dhanwani says:

    Its gud if u put on be healthy n happy


  3. Anonymous says:

    nice 1 candle.


  4. Tushar Dhanwani says:

    Papad thood phelwan is much better 😊😊


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