A Grey Strand

Last week I spotted a strand of grey hair shining on my head. I stopped in my tracks and took a considerable amount of time to view it closely before ascertaining that it actually is a grey hair!! I almost choked. I know when you are 26, a grey hair is no big deal. More so, with a lifestyle that I lead, amidst dust, pollution, constant shuffling between the air-conditioned surroundings and the heat, lack of sleep and oil deprived hair; this is a natural outcome! They say that stress and worrying too much expedites the hair greying process! Blah! If that was true, I would already have had a head full of grey with a few black hair visible! I am really paranoid and continuous worrier. You may see me stressed all the time. I worry about missing my train, getting late to office, time running by, health of my family, my ever increasing to do list, my future, my yet-to-be-born child, the family planning matters, our country, the increase in crimes, death…phew!! I worry about EVERYTHING under the sun!!! Considering my stress-meter I am thankful that I have only one grey strand so far! I may have more within, but they are not visible (yet) so that is pretty OK. Meh! Talk about being shallow! 😳

Since I was a kid, I remember being pretty obsessed with my hair. It has always been my favourite feature. My hair have always enjoyed more attention even when my skin complained and went on an acne-spurting spree! During schools, when every girl went for a simpler bob, I was the one who flaunted long tresses! My school had a reputation for strict oily hair tied tightly in plaits, with a middle partition (I hated it). It gave me the famous patch thinning which is still the butt of jokes of Mr. Husband (aarghh!) 😡

How much ever I have loved the highlighted heads of others, I have never infused chemicals in my hair to obtain that ‘look’. When everyone around me is straightening and perming their hairs (oh I so love the smooth effect); I roam around with tendrils coming out all around my head! I have had to exercise so much self-control to maintain the virginity of my hair with so many options available. So much to maintain the natural auburn hair! Unlike Pepper, I am not really concerned about the grey hair and the societal pressures about coloring your hair, but I myself hate salt and pepper hair. Period. It’s nothing but a personal choice. Sure, I love the color white, but not on my head!! 😆

Finally, after running around, protecting my hair with chemicals and beautifying treatments, the day has arrived of a shining silver amidst the auburn brown! 😦 Makes me think, have I finally grown up so much? Will I ever be able to? Or will the kid always stay! Grey or no grey, Will I always be the one who loves strolls on beaches as much as making sand castles, without the thought of dirtying my hands?! I don’t know. May be I am reading too much into this! May be I am just adding a point to the long ‘worry list’! May be, I should just be content that it is just one grey hair (still) and I should be thankful that there aren’t more that are visible!! May be I am growing old. Will I forgo the restrain and finally go for hair colors? No, I may wait for a couple of more years, ‘coz I know once you start there is no stopping and the grey multiplies. Yeah, I know, I keep on answering the questions myself since others may not know the intensity of how deeply I feel about my tresses! Go, laugh if you actually feel discussing this is frivolous!

And for the time being, I will just pray, Oh Grey! give me a few more years of my beautiful auburn and I promise to be good.

Happy December Guys, Christmas is round the corner! 🙂


About Shweta

An ambitious professional who loves working in a corporate as much as she loves spending time with family. Pursues writing as a passion and writes for stuff that closely touch the heart!
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6 Responses to A Grey Strand

  1. hemangfans says:

    Shweta don’t give another look at ur hair for another 10 years or so 🙂


  2. Sonal says:

    i have felt this, just two months back.. all of this.. i understand what you feel!!!! 😉 😛 and ofcourse.. as always, ticking funny!!!! well written!!!


  3. parul shirodaria says:

    What u did when u saw the first pimple on ur chick
    What will u do when u ll see the first wrinkle .. fine line near eyes
    Nothing much…
    Accept it … forget it . Go ahead
    There r so many other things in life to worry about, dear


    • Shweta says:

      There was no 1st pimple..there were many more…so I chose to ignore them! 😆
      The 1st wrinkle will tell me to age gracefully….
      But as I said, hair being a prominent feature… its worrisome 😦 and it is one of the things that I worry about!! 😐


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