5 years to the terrible terrorist attacks. 12 shooting and bombing attacks across Mumbai. 1 gruesome movie depicting the ordeal. 4 years to taken hang the only attacker who was captured alive, Ajmal Kasab. Millions spent for his security and trial. 164 innocent lives taken, innumerable injured. With each person dead, their families lost the will to survive. (read one heart wrenching story here). A mind boggling number game.


After all these numbers, the question that still looms large is: Have we improved? Have we made ourselves capable enough to prevent another such attack? Are our boundaries strong enough to stop the evil trespassing? Are we content enough to resist the millions these terrorists feed as bribes to make their way for encroaching in and planning something new, huge and destructive for mankind? How many times have we reported things that we have found fishy? An unclaimed object for instance. Have we ever even stopped to take a closer look at the “WANTED” posters stuck at the stations and tried to identify the criminals amongst the crowds? With a head hung low, the answer to these will certainly be close to a NO!

It is not only the inefficient policemen, the corrupt officials or the incapable government to be blamed. The problem starts from the very base of the apex. The common man, the aam aadmi, the one who suffers the most yet is reluctant to mend his ways – WE! We have a tendency to ignore the facts and turn a blind eye where we are not concerned. If it does not affect us directly, it simply does not matter to us! I don’t know what do we keep waiting for? A blast at our own place or a life of a family member to be lost. Do we need this to open our eyes and stay alert? Just a little example to know how selfish we are. We clean and polish our houses daily but tend to discard the wastes and the empty wrappers on the streets or on the roads while waiting at signals. If this doesn’t seem relevant, picture this. Being selfish is so imbibed in ourselves that we deploy security guards in our societies, double latch the doors while sleeping, take utmost care not to let a stranger into our homes; but when it comes to doing our bit for the nation, we smother our consciences and selflessly proclaim that it is not our job to take care. Somebody else has been appointed to do it. Eventually, everybody thinks somebody will do it and nobody ends up doing it!

The result – Bomb Blasts, Daylight firing and attacks, rapes, riots, a filthy city, corruption and all sets of organized and unorganized crimes. After the harm has been done, we resort to all tactics, long speeches, media sensationalism and blame games to condemn the acts. But the fact remains, how much ever we autopsies the crimes and analyze them, they  cannot been undone. If we want to change, we have to begin with changing our laid back attitudes. Be the change you want to see in the world around you. Else it is not long before the nation will be destroyed and eaten up and we will be the ones responsible. No amount of prayers, blessings and condolences will help.

Even God is helpless when His most intelligent creation is selfish and acts worthless. Be the change!


About Shweta

An ambitious professional who loves working in a corporate as much as she loves spending time with family. Pursues writing as a passion and writes for stuff that closely touch the heart!
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7 Responses to 26.11.2008

  1. Tushar Dhanwani says:

    Nice blog! I already comment there shud be changes in law otherwise no way out it will keep happening n i think we shud raise our voice to change laws, and run a fast track cases for these kind of activities r cases n these kinds of criminals shud be punished without consuming time n expenses thats what i can say 😊😊


  2. hemangfans says:

    Hi. Nice post to give tribute to 26/11. Agreed to all your points. But, the amount of population we have in our country and the rate or illiteracy makes all this almost next to impossible.


  3. Deeti Sirodaria says:

    Nyc blog shwets…:-)


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