Reminiscing my Childhood

This is my 50th post and is very very special!! What’s better than a post dedicated to my childhood and that too on children’s day!! So, here you go….

I remember having a very lovely and a busy childhood. Yes, you read it right. A busy childhood. Busy laughing, busy being cared for, busy playing, busy being careless and busy being HAPPY!! 🙂 I never knew what being alone was! Here, let me share my little fairytale my granny told me about how was I born.

Yeah, this is ME!

It goes like this. My uncle (Papa’s elder brother) had three kids. All of them boys. My uncle and my Badi Maa (his wife) both yearned for a baby girl. But I guess, they stopped trying after the 3 tries which blessed them with all boys! 😛 We stayed in a joint family and the brothers were very attached to each other. My mom still tells me how they used to take uncle’s kids along even during their courtship!! 😛 When my mom was expecting for the first time, my uncle’s yearning for a baby girl in the family grew so severe, that he vowed not to shave and grow his beard for 9 months. This was his mannat to the Goddess, praying for a baby girl when my mom delivered. Whoa!! And I was born!! 😀  I don’t know whether people believe in this mannat stuff and I have even blogged a debate about it (here). However, I find his faith very cute and touching. It might just be a fabulous co-incidence but they still, to this day, believe I am a gift from the Goddess. I am more than happy to keep the faith alive. And I am even secretly proud that I was born as a ‘special gift’ 🙂 They pampered me so much and there was never a day they went for an outing without me along. My uncle used to change my nappies or wake up to the sound of me crying in the middle of the night! My mom still complains that she saw much less of my childhood than my brother’s!! Since birth, I always have had two sets of parents. I consider myself the luckiest in the world to be showered with so much love and affection. For the curious ones – even my kanyadan(the act of giving away your daughter to the groom in a Hindu wedding ceremony) was done by all four of them!

All my brothers (uncle’s sons) were very protective of me and loved me like no one else. I used to get my gifts even before I wished for! We lived with humble resources given that ours was a big family with only 2 earing members! Yet, I never can remember a single instance of me wanting something and being refused! If I wanted to ride a horse, there would always be one of my eager brothers who rode me on his back! They made me learn cycling without letting me fall even once. They took me for strolls each evening to a nearby beach! When I was two, my parents were blessed with The Brother. No mannats and grown beards this time and here was a boy born. 😆 Yet, being youngest of the lot he was also pampered and spoilt! All of us together were like a house on fire, never mind the age difference between us! My dad had a Jai-Veeru scooter, the one which has a sidecar attached to it (well, he still drives one such) It was the source of our long drives back then. Five of us crammed on a scooter meant for 3, yet without any fuss. The rides were more happening than the one in air conditioned cars today! Those were the days of pure, unadulterated innocence!

Growing up, I got to re-live my childhood again, when these cousins got married and had kids (yeah, we still were in a joint family). I pampered them as much as I was bought up by their fathers. Never a dull moment, our family was a perfect example of Hum Sath Sath Hai!! 😆 And to this day, this has helped me to keep afresh the child in me. I don’t think I can ever grow up. I mean not like I can’t be matured and all; but I can never ever forego the kid within. And I am more than glad!

Crave for a chocolate? Have it. Want to shout? Do it on top of your lungs. Found a joke funny? Don’t giggle, have a loud laugh. Find something surprising? It is OK to let your eyes grow to the size of a tennis ball!! Shed the inhibitions and never let the kid in you die. It is the purest form of love, laughter and innocence! Happy Children’s Day to the kid in all of you! 😀


About Shweta

An ambitious professional who loves working in a corporate as much as she loves spending time with family. Pursues writing as a passion and writes for stuff that closely touch the heart!
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7 Responses to Reminiscing my Childhood

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  2. Tushar Dhanwani says:

    When i started reading this post i laughed n than later on it touched me , n i feel ur blessed that u have such a lovely n caring family touchwood , god bless u all 😊😃


  3. Anand shah says:

    Childhood is one precious time in our memories which always keep you fresh. Any time you stay alone and suddunly you smile means your memories refresh you. Be happy….. and keep smiling…..


  4. Amit says:

    That is a very heart-warming post Shweta. It is a blessing to have a loving family.


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