The Perfect Date!

This is my entry for TOUCH Thursdays no: 4


The prompt:Describe your idea of a perfect date. (Who would you date?  You can give a fictional name if you don’t want to use the real name. What would you do? How will you make it special? How would it end?)

Being born and brought up in Mumbai, I am used to the super-fast life here. Brain waking up and revising the day’s schedule even before you are fully awake; bathing as merely a ritual rather than an act cleansing yourself; running at the sight of every passing local train; haggling on the streets for autos; choc a block weekdays at work; miniscule lunch breaks to quickly stuff yourself with food cooked in the sleepy morning and crashing like a log after the day ends! Weekends are reserved for a sound sleep, a luxury bath and proper meals. Weekend evenings are spent with your partner at a quite dinner or with friends while clubbing and nightouts! All of this and more, is nothing but a ‘routine’ we have functioned ourselves in. 😐

However, this so called routine doesn’t give you time to stop and think whether you are missing something or someone important! Time flies and before you realize you are growing old! But more than that, a realization which dawns further late is that even your parents are growing older and amidst the ruthless paced life, all the contact you have with them is through phone calls and flying visits. 😳 Marriage, work, other responsibilities and ‘socials’ have squeezed the time to be spent with them and have left them further down the list! However I may hate to admit it, but this is true!! 😐

So, the next leisure date I am planning is with my mom and papa! No fancy dressing up, no candle light dinner, no pomp and show. My idea of a perfect date with them will be a shopping spree with my mom in the morning which will include loads of window shopping till her eyes pop out in amazement and buying her so much stuff that her feet and hands ache! My papa is not really keen on running around, so he will be at home catching up on his beauty sleep till I and mom run around like teenagers all over the mall! After she is contended with all the shopping and is utterly exhausted; all three of us will be sharing a quiet and light lunch at some decent restaurant. Afternoons will be spent on a massage package for my dad and pampering mom with a foot massage and spa! After all the shopping, she needs to rejuvenate herself, eh! 😛 Come evening and we will head out to a beach. A walk by the sea and some solace! Sharing life’s nitty gritty and not so important stuff; leaving foot prints on the sand and watching the sun set in peace. All in slow motion and without a soul to worry about! Bliss. Dinner will be at a place where papa can binge to his heart’s content! What shopping is for mom, bingeing on whisky is for him! Oh my parents, the extremes!!! 😆

Wait, dinner over doesn’t mean the date is over! Why, I know I can’t really take them to clubs and lounges, my mom will pass out if she sees females in ‘those’ clothes; rather, the lack of clothes!! 😆 And my dad, well no comments!! 😀 But I can surely take them to some late night show. Bollywood is something both of them are mad about and a good movie is the only thing, perhaps which is a common interest for them! A tub of popcorn for mom and a samosa for papa accompanied by a brainless comedy or a filmy love story! What a perfect way to end a simply ‘perfect date’

It really is perfect, isn’t it???!!

Wait. Before you jump guns; I know I have not included Mr Husband or The Brother in this date, but come on, I was told to describe my idea of a perfect date and not a family picnic, so I kept the two of you out of this, OK? Please don’t go all sob sob now, I will take you both the next time. Smile now, don’t sulk so much!! :mrgreen:


About Shweta

An ambitious professional who loves working in a corporate as much as she loves spending time with family. Pursues writing as a passion and writes for stuff that closely touch the heart!
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10 Responses to The Perfect Date!

  1. hemangfans says:

    Nice post. But y only 1 day ? I think divide all the things and do one each day … like this u can meet more frequently ….


  2. Karthick62 says:

    Good one! Liked the way you have narrated. Following your blog, RIGHT NOW 🙂


  3. rahilvora says:

    ♥♥♥ Perfect ♥♥♥


  4. Pepper says:

    Loved this post Shweta. 🙂


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