The week gone by…

Tired and sweat drained faces…Paining legs and aching backs… Breathlessness…. Irritating Crowds and Noise…. It seems that it is the war-field Mumbai Locals I am talking about!! 😆

But if we change the set up a little and add loads of colour and festivities…we can exactly describe the Navratri Festival; albeit amidst pleasure!! Let me elaborate a bit… Tired and sweat drained faces, yet can be seen broadly smiling…Paining legs and aching backs; but feet that just would not stop dancing… Breathlessness which cannot stop you from enjoying and having the best time of your lives…. Irritating Crowds and Noise with maddening rush and yet peace within… All this and more, from a hard core garba fan!

I wanted to do this post last week itself but the week went by in a jiffy! Dog tired after office, house work and local travelling, reaching the venue just an hour before shut down and dancing without warming up… yet experiencing pure pleasure and not wanting the night to end! I have a crazy gang of friends (including THE Brother!; who was here for the weekend just for the fest) who are as much into this festival as I am. And dancing the night away to the garba beats seems like eternity!

For a life shattering and scary moment, Mr Husband was determined not take daily passes this year, owning to the stress accompanied by late hours in offices! But I persuaded him and talked him into agreeing. God!! Was it difficult? Playing garba songs on AUX each time we went for a drive, changing DPs and wallpapers to last year’s Navratri days, innocently bringing about topics of fun circling around Navratri, sheepish grin and a ‘please let us go daily’ look when anyone asked accompanied by “i-promise-i-will-be-a-good-girl” face; was all it took (pheww!!) before he melted and agreed! 😆 Okay, though I exaggerated a bit, but I am surely lucky enough to have someone who *atleast* likes this fest (though not maniacally like me!) but he does like it and that is important. I have friends whose better halves are not at all interested and believe me, how much ever you try, enjoying this alone cuts off the fun part by half.

So, coming back to the point, we finally went and enjoyed the fest inspite of having the odds against us. Agreed, it was tiring and half of yourself would just want to slump down on your bed and go off to sleep after a hard day at work. But once we fought the weariness, all it took was the feet tapping beat to dance and forget everything around. And the smile…Oh it never leaves your face! 🙂 On a normal day, I would not even prefer have a walk in the building premises after wrapping up dinner and chores, but here I was, dancing away all night!! Only when the music stopped; terror struck that we had office to attend the next day! And again we began our home-office-house chores-garba-dog tired-sleep routine for the whole week!!

So the week gone by was full of fun, frolic, loads of sweaty clothes and pure bliss. Now the countdown begins….365 days for the next Navratri!! (greedy for more, eh??) 😆


About Shweta

An ambitious professional who loves working in a corporate as much as she loves spending time with family. Pursues writing as a passion and writes for stuff that closely touch the heart!
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10 Responses to The week gone by…

  1. shikha says:

    Very aptly and beautifully described!!!


  2. rahilvora says:

    It was all Fun,n Sat Nite till 12 playing Garba and then Going to Marine Drive with all Waters with Lighting all around a cup of Hot Coffee :-♥ in the Hand and Rains started heavily the entire Atmosphere was so superb and the Temptiness of not going Home was class…But Finally 4am had to leave for home @5am Jalebi Fafda in the Hand for the next morning……….

    Class Apart..Had super Fun!!!!!
    Awaiting Navratri 2014 SOoonnnnnnn…….. ☺♂☺


  3. kruti says:

    Shweta..superbly written n now aftr reading thin it sooo feels like shittt…I missed al thos days wen I cudnt com..i knw hfw it feels wen ur husband is not at all interested, n u count ur every mins as to wat u wud b doin, at tat very moment if u wer ther….shit shit….i cnt even express, I was feelin lik cryin badly…though dhaiwat nvr tld me no to com…nwys frm next yr my season pass is fr sure…..I even knw d date dr the next yr 25sept 2014 strts our…day 1:-):-):-):-)


    • Shweta says:

      Hey Kruti!! Dint want to make you cry….just wanted to make you realize it so that you were in for next year!! Cuz however tired were…however little energy we had for the dance… we missed you each moment you weren’t there!!

      Love you girl!! 🙂


  4. Amit says:

    Oh God! You have some energy! 🙂 I can’t even lift a finger after I reach home from office.


    • Shweta says:

      LOL Thanks!! Its something I loovveeee 🙂
      And there is Anika to take up your time after office and I am sure she would be wanting your undivided attention 😛


  5. parul shirodaria says:

    These festivals are real stress busters
    Go for it …


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