India with optimism, love and hope…

This is my entry for TOUCH Thursdays no: 2

The prompt: Mark is from UK. He has not been to India yet, but plans to visit. He has lived in UK, all his life.If you had to tell Mark about India, what would you tell him?


Hi Mark,

I just checked your email and boy I am beyond elated that you are visiting India! Finally!! After so much persuasion you have finally decided to visit the land of miracles and mysteries! There is so much to see and experience here that one lifetime does not just seem to suffice! But I promise, to fill you with so much of Indianness that you may not want to go back! 🙂

I know, about how apprehensive you had been for visiting India after hearing all the news pieces about the increasing crime rate, the nuisance from goons and other such derogatory stuff. I am aware and I completely understand about you being paranoid.And this was one of the many reasons I was pursuing you to pay a visit here atleast once.

I want to show you about how India is not only about beggars haggling on streets but is also full of people with huge hearts who despite having moderate resources will first serve the guests and then put the remaining morsel in their mouth. I want to show you, how India is not only about corrupted politicians but also about the commoner, who, despite the hardships he faces still loves his Mother India, unconditionally. I want you to experience that India does not only have pollution and congestion, but it also has breathtaking beauties of valleys and mountains!

Mark, I want you to know that people in this country are not only about blind faiths and fake (pervert) saints, but they are also believers of the universal power! I want you to show what unity in diversity means, when we celebrate Holi, Eid, Christmas and many other festivals with equal pomp and elan.

I know how badly it pisses you off and how strongly you feel about the wastage of food in the BIG FAT Indian weddings, but I also want to show you the numerous hands who selflessly feed the less-destined! I want you to experience the rich heritage we have in our temples and palaces! I want you to feel the moments of serenity when you see the sun rising from the vast, bountiful sea! I want you to visit the diverse landscapes, right from the snow clad Ladakh to the vast stretches of Kerela and Goa beaches!! I want to take you scuba diving in The Andamans and river rafting in Rishikesh!! I want to take you to huge malls in the metros and will also show you tiny huts with contended face in the villages.

I want you to see for yourself how our country is not only filled with slumdogs but also has abundant millionaires!! Mark, don’t you worry, because we are blessed not only with pollution, dirt and heat, but we also have rich vegetation, flora and fauna!! Come soon, for I want to show you that inspite of the issues of crimes, rapes, thefts and corruption that our country is bravely battling today, if you come here with a little hope, optimism and love, India will bless you with memories lasting forever! 😀

And boy!! Did we talk about all the gorgeous ladies awaiting your visit, eh?!! Mail me your flight and visit details, so that I can sketch out a plan for the best visit of your life! Will be there to pick you up at the airport! See you soon!


-Shweta. 🙂


About Shweta

An ambitious professional who loves working in a corporate as much as she loves spending time with family. Pursues writing as a passion and writes for stuff that closely touch the heart!
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2 Responses to India with optimism, love and hope…

  1. Amit says:

    Sadly, people still think of India as a land of snake charmers. I remember dealing with a few UK based clients who asked me some funny questions.
    But when they come here they are more perplexed. The rich poor divide is so stark here.


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