A Politico’s Visit and Havoc!

When a certain Mr. Modi decides to visit the already over populated and panic-stricken-during-peak-hours BKC for his political rally; the result is HAVOC! 😯 Even the wide roads of Bandra Highways cannot bear the wrath of the peak hour commotion! Infuriated chauffeurs in Mercs and Jaguars swearing under their breath, abusing autowallahs, rowdy BEST bus drivers and the ever speeding rash bike drivers; all of them stationed at one place and honking away to Modi’s glory! mrgreen

I was in one of the fateful autos witnessing the most draining auto trip of my life till date! What are you supposed to do when you are stuck in a crammed auto with two complete strangers who are as badly pissed with their day at office and the roaring traffic seems to replicate their mood! To make it worse, the current novel with me is so damn boring that I can’t just get myself to pick it up to read! 😐 Else, the voracious reader that I am; such a day in traffic is just a boon for me! Alas, not this time around! When these woes are not enough, even my internet connection has left me all alone and I am stuck without whatsapp coming to my rescue! Can a day be worse? 🙄

The BKC Traffic!

After 45 minutes of getting anchored in bottle neck traffic, one of the fellow commuter decides to stomp off and walk to the station! Pheww, I don’t have the will or the physical capacity to walk for 20 odd minutes amongst the muck and filth; so I stay put, ranting! 😥 The other one dozed off, probably tired of waiting and is now probably mindlessly dreaming oblivious to all the honking and unaware that she is getting featured in this post! 😆 Such a peaceful soul to have the luck of catching up on her beauty sleep amongst all the honking and pollution!

Heck, even the autowallah has got someone to chit chat with his headphones on! Where are all my friends who call me inconsistently when I am stuck up in a meeting or I am unreachable during my office hours! Hmph! All I am left with is furiously punching my blackberry memo pad and writing this for another day, just to maintain my sanity with a ray of hope of some retaliation by my readers!! 😐

Finally, after wasting one and a half hour for a 20 minute journey, I reached my destination; utterly and hopelessly drained and knackered and hungry and angry!  When you simply hate something (read: Politics) it gets a chance to mess up your daily life! I guess someone just lost a precious vote!! (Although I may rethink on that one, coz running a country which is already in pits; is far more important than travelling peacefully from your workplace to home!!)

Sigh!! Mr. Modi, couldn’t you decide upon a less congested place or atleast a convenient time other than the peak hours??!!! 😳


About Shweta

An ambitious professional who loves working in a corporate as much as she loves spending time with family. Pursues writing as a passion and writes for stuff that closely touch the heart!
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3 Responses to A Politico’s Visit and Havoc!

  1. hemangfans says:

    You really think only Mr. Modi causes traffic jam ? What about the rest 364 days of traffic jam ? Who is to be blamed ? As for the venue, there is not a single open place left which u can think of… so again no fault of Mr. Modi…. Anyways good post …


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