What does God Say?

There are two types of people. One, those who believe in God. And others who don’t. I am not really discussing the latter part because I am definitely  a part of the former. I don’t really believe in atheism as a way of life. However, when I discussed about this sensitive topic with a group of colleagues, I found that the God-believing people also vary. Some believe only in God and not the fasting, offerings and all that accompanied with their God. Others, are religious and follow the ‘rules’, if I may say, accompanying the religion. I don’t detest the people in not believing stuff or placing their beliefs partly. What concerns me, though, that they are more than eager to criticize the ones who follow the religious practices.

According to me, there is nothing such as a set of guidelines to be followed. It is all about doing what makes you feel good and brings about a positive vibe in you! I firmly believe that it is the power in faith that shows you the way and makes things fall in place. If I have to give an example, there are people who really believe that any sort of mannat you take, or promise you make to God, is nothing but trading with God for your needs. I have a slightly different perception on this. I believe, if I am giving up my favourite thing or favourite food or may be fulfilling a promise I made to God when a certain dream is accomplished, I am NOT trading, but it is just my way of bowing down and saying a Thank You for being with me. It is certainly not that because you have made a promise to God, you will accomplish the said dream! Gosh! No, I certainly don’t advocate blind faith! However, it is because of the faith you have in God and also the drive to succeed or achieve is what has made you fulfill your own dream. God is just a reason to push you forward and fill yourself with positive energy to work towards your goal. And, for this, if you choose to thank God, you definitely can! And you also can choose your way of bestowing your thanks to him! There is no way anyone can criticize it!

I know, many people cannot get their head through this whole ‘giving up stuff for a wish’ business and I don’t really unapprove their thoughts. I am OK as long as someone does not mess up with my ways of a prayer. God, the powerful  force of the universe that he is, does not really require a petty offering from me, but still I choose to give it to him as a thank you note and I am not really ashamed even if SOME people think I am old school. The fact being this is not done for ‘people’ but for the one up there who is taking care of me at every step.

You may call this as hypocrisy if you please, but, I do not advocate sacrifices. I have really been vocal and debated against sacrificing someone’s (even an animal’s life) for pleasing God! But, they seem to have a strong belief about this! I follow non-violence as my religion and thus, this sacrificing bit never goes inside my head! I may not tread further on this, because it is closely attached to sentiments of many! And one thing God teaches is not to hurt sentiments, be it religious or otherwise! As for me, I do not believe in this, because I never have even killed a mosquito, neither do I plan to! 😀

Everything always has and will always continue to fall in place, have faith and keep working towards your goal! And choose your own way of thanking God! God does not have any inhibitions about how petty your offering is or whether or not there is any offering at all. Do what pleases you! But remember, you have to help yourself and work hard for what you want! God does not help the ones who only worship and do nothing else about their problems!

What is your belief???


About Shweta

An ambitious professional who loves working in a corporate as much as she loves spending time with family. Pursues writing as a passion and writes for stuff that closely touch the heart!
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5 Responses to What does God Say?

  1. parul shirodaria says:

    U ve Nice n Clear picture in ur mind about ur belief but
    People have different faces n different brains inside
    What we need is to be honest with ourselves n our beliefs
    without being rigid
    What really matters is the path which gives u
    calm n focased mind


  2. Shweta says:

    Exactly and I totally agree. “Belief” is something where criticizing and competing or copying doesn’t work!! The mind has to be where the heart wishes! Some may even considering feeding an empty stomach as worshiping God rather then donating in the temple! Different people, different views, I respect both!! 🙂


  3. hemangfans says:

    Very well said …..


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