…and I know that you are the best!

He’s been my first love. He stands at 6 feet and his embrace is the best place in the world for me. 🙂  A stare from him makes me go cold if I am at fault! But he also is the one who wipes away his anger quickly and is biased if I am the one who is at fault. :mrgreen: He’s been a strength whenever I have required support and a hug from him vanishes all the worry lines from my brow. And I know He loves me as a precious little treasure. 😀

From holding his finger and taking little steps to the world, from sitting on his shoulder and having the bird’s eye of the world and from hugging him good bye when entering a new, married world… I have come a long way! He’s seen me grown and knows me like no one else.

My Daddy Bestest!!! 🙂

He is no one but my Papa! 😀 😀

I am glad I have took up to his looks, even if it means a shade darker than mom and a huge nose! 😛 I am proud to be my Papa’s girl and even visibly so! Now only, if could have a tiny bit of the endurance, strength and selfless trait of your personality, I would be close to perfect. 🙂

Dear Papa,

When you have been harsh, I know it is for my best… When you have refused me something, I know it will be replaced by something better! When you have smiled at our achievements, I know your heart jumps with joy and that shows in your eyes. When you did not cry during my bidaai, I know it was just to make me strong although you have had many sleepless nights and silent tears with me not being around.

Although you never show, your heart does say and your eyes do speak.

Today, on your birthday, just letting you know time and again, that you have been the best dad a girl could get. And I thank God, a little, every day for that blessing! For now, I am putting up a few lines I read in a blog and I thought were utterly cute.

To the first man I ever smiled at..

To the first man I truly loved..

To the man I looked for in every other..

To the man who thought I grew up too soon..

To my father….The first man I belonged to..

Happy Birthday, Papa! Wish you a very loooooong and healthy life ahead… 🙂


About Shweta

An ambitious professional who loves working in a corporate as much as she loves spending time with family. Pursues writing as a passion and writes for stuff that closely touch the heart!
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4 Responses to …and I know that you are the best!

  1. Sonal says:

    loved it!!! m sure uncle is proud of u… 🙂


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