The tale of Bhang, Holi and everything in between….

After my last post I realized that I was ranting a bit too much and it is never really going to change! May be, pretty too soon, but  I have given up hopes. I also realized that there is already loads of hatred in the world (there I go again!! Thoughtful me! Uggghh!!!) Shh!!! 🙄

So, I was telling that apparently I realized that this blog is supposed to be a happy place (with occasional ranting, of course) and it should have more of the fun chapters of my colorful life. 😀 So, here it goes… The tale of Bhang, Holi and everything in between….

It was in Holi this year. For the non-Indian audience…Holi is the festival of colors which is celebrated with full zest in the month of March every year!! After having all the fun with colors and waters, we were parched and the guys got us something to drink  – Thandai (a flavoured milk preparation) with traces of Bhang

We were well aware of that and thus were advised just to take a small portion of the drink. But the naughty me wouldn’t relent and I had more than advisable. 😈 The whole while, Mr. Husband looked at me with horror in his eyes and advised me against!! But I did not pay head. (I secretly was aware that no matter what, I’ll be safe having Mr Husband and The Brother around) and also, I was (over) confident that this diluted drug wouldn’t have any effect and I had only 2 glasses (gulp!!!) 😈

An hour passed and I was still bragging about how in-senses I am! But suddenly I was famished! I had snacks on a nearby joint and believe me, I ate like a horse!!! I was getting a feeling of something not being right in my tummy and my fears were confirmed when I saw a smirk on Mr. Husband’s face! He said it aloud: The bhang is kicking in!!! Gosh! I was horrified! And a whole set of who-will-think-what questions rattled my brain! :mrgreen:

Coming up next was a feeling I never imagined I’ll experience. Being a teetotaler, I never drink as a rule! But this bhang intoxicated me to such an extent that I felt drunk n giddy. Everything around me was slowing (or so I felt). We stopped at a store to get something and I felt that “why is the shopkeeper taking so long”…Mr. Husband drove and although it was at normal speed, I thought we had been sitting in the car since ages and not yet reached home! I kept on laughing and telling: I know I am intoxicated, but I can’t do anything about it!! I laughed the whole while. And he kept on saying, will reach home soon and you sleep! He was tensed a bit, but still found it amusing to see me laughing like a maniac! We reached home, I quickly had a shower and slept! So that mom and dad wouldn’t know the Bhang effect. 😆

But as luck would have it, sleep evaded me! It felt as if my brain was in an overdrive and was thinking all shit. From life to death to being in coma…everything. God only knows how did these thoughts creep in!! 😕 I felt as if I was about to die ❗ or slip in coma or something awful is sure gonna happen. I felt that if I slept, I will never be able to wake up! God!! I felt my brain was running. Where to??? May be away from me… 😳 I did everything but my brain simply wouldn’t stop and sleep wouldn’t come to me! I was so desperate to ‘get well’ that my subconscious even started chanting God name’s ❗  , After too much running around and racing, may be the brain finally got tired and let me sleep!

When I woke up from my slumber, I realized I had slept for straight six hours and slept like a log! Mr. Husband, the darling that he is, kept checking on me and taking care that I had my share of rest! Waking up, I realized, the whole world knew about the infamous Bhang Tale and I was the butt of careless laughter for a couple of days! I was amazed that even I was laughing myself and thoroughly enjoying when I replayed the entire thing that happened! 😳

And here I end the chapter, with a vow to never ever have bhang again…. 😀 *grin*


About Shweta

An ambitious professional who loves working in a corporate as much as she loves spending time with family. Pursues writing as a passion and writes for stuff that closely touch the heart!
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5 Responses to The tale of Bhang, Holi and everything in between….

  1. JK says:

    Trance has its own ups and downs. Thankfully you had no downs! Try tequilla sambuca, vodka and hukka in the order some day! Better than bhaang and easily removable by a glass of lime.


  2. Tushar.Dhanwani says:

    The worst drug i ever had i experienced it n took a swear will never taste it again.


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