Rapists Deserve no mercy..!

This event may not really have hit the headlines but it caught my fancy! And I felt proud of the bravado the aam junta displayed! I wanted this piece of news to be shared with my readers.

Bhopal, Aug. 2 — A history-sheeter who allegedly kidnapped and raped a girl on Thursday was stoned to death by agitated residents in Gwalior, about 425 kilometers north of Bhopal. The deceased was identified as Narendra Singh Kushwah who carried a reward of Rs. 3000 on his head along with another miscreant kidnapped the girl at gun point on Wednesday night. They took the girl to a nearby vacant house where they gang raped her. The girl who resides at Ramaji ka Pura locality at the outskirts of Gwalior is a student of class 11. According to police, the family members who were searching for the girl after she was kidnapped found her in the wee hours on Thursday. Later on Thursday evening, the accused went to the girl’s residence to threaten her parents with dire consequences if they reported the matter to police. He was oblivious of the fact that the matter had already been reported to the police.When the family members of the girl raised an alarm the residents of the locality attacked the accused with stones. He was rushed to JA Hospital by police where he succumbed to his injuries.

I instantly smiled. Now, I am not someone who can smile at a horrific news of a person getting stoned to death! But I do strongly believe that rape is the most horrendous crime! Remember the gang rape of the Delhi girl who woke up the entire country??? The justice to the case is yet to be availed. And to think of it, they had put the case in a fast track court (imagine). It’s been over 6 months and the supposedly fast track court has still not been able to provide justice to the family of the brutally tortured and the deceased! What a shame. All the judiciary is left with is mockery!

When the laws of a country are not strict enough to ensure the safety of their women, the criminals turn devil and innocents are affected. And for this very reason I was happy that even after reporting to the police, the residents took the case in their hands and justice prevailed immediately. I can think of no better punishment other than death for someone who has committed such a cruel act! Definitely not imprisonment of any sort! Chemical Castration? Yes! Stoning To death? A thumbs up! Public Hanging? Way to go!! Only such measures MAY detest the rapists from even thinking of committing a horrendous crime like this.

There have been cases, which make me shudder even to think of! The Delhi Gang rape in which one accused committed suicide and the others are still unaware of their fate; whereas the innocent victim is no more! The Aruna Shanbaug story, where the accused has served imprisonment and now is roaming freely and the victim, is in a comatose state since more than two decades, begging for euthanasia! There are many such others. And my heart goes out to them!

I don’t want such a story to be repeated and thus, for this very reason, I am glad if the punishment given to the rapists is as cruel as it can get! The more cruelest the punishment, the lesser such crimes! The judicial system seriously needs to wake up and prioritize such cases! Instead, all these remain mere political gimmicks and media fodder till they die down as time passes by! Sad but the truth!! 😦


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An ambitious professional who loves working in a corporate as much as she loves spending time with family. Pursues writing as a passion and writes for stuff that closely touch the heart!
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6 Responses to Rapists Deserve no mercy..!

  1. Tushar.Dhanwani says:

    There shud be people power as law is slow like turtle after committing any crime, criminals think ” aree chaal kuch khila pila ke maumle ko rafaa dafaa kaar lenge” it shud faisala on the spot like booby deol says “NO FIR NO Charge sheet faisala on the spot” tabhi kuch hosakta hai😊😊


  2. yash shah says:

    Fast track courts r too slow for such crimes even wen we have all the evidence.
    Intolerance is justified


  3. ..and when you know there is nothing you can do but just vent out and scream aaaarghhhh!!! It still doesn’t feel good 😦


  4. hemangfans says:

    I also believe the same like u. justice should be done there and there only. And death is the only justice against such cruel crimes.


  5. The guilty deserve the full extent of the law, however I also fear mob justice can lead to the innocent being cattacked. Sadly, because of the corrupt, slow system of courts justice is not seen to be done so people feel justified to take the law in their own hands. I still think we need justice to be handled by the courts not the mob. For that t work, the legal system needs a complete clean up.


    • Shweta says:

      Until and unless the judiciary is strong and quick… We will have these mobs going berserk and rise of such cases where people will feel acting upon is right rather than expecting from law to do the same…
      A quick solution to rape cases and harsh punishments are only the saviors…


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