…and how I wish I could go back to the good old days

Yesterday I boarded the same train that I used to board when studying in college. When it halted on the same station of my college, a young and chattering crowd entered in and I could easily fit me and my gang of girls in them! Reminiscing the old days made me write an ode to the carefree wonderful life I had back then. There is a stark difference in me as I look back and compare with what I am today! Back then, I was a silly, giggling student with ruffled hair and bell bottoms (which I thought were cool 😳 and are still the base of criticism of Mr. Husband! 🙄 ) And today, I am a married working woman always running around and not missing a moment! Ideally put, there has been a difference of only 5 years, but it seems as if it is altogether a new lifetime! 😮

Chatting silly, without-a-care attitude, living in the moment seems like a thing of an entirely different life. The young carefree girl has transformed herself to a responsible woman (or so I prefer to think)! 😉

  • One, who had no inhibitions about how people judged her, has taken care of preparing her mindset and a set of questions to be answered when meeting new people, fully aware that it may depict image of her family!
  • One, who needed people looking after her in every move, has now learnt to take care of others.
  • One, who was once a lazy bum is now running as the seconds tick by!
  • One, who had all the time in the world for harmless gossips, has limited her phone calls to only occasional hi’s!
  • One, who had it in her so-called schedule to roam lazily around with friends, share updates on the dinner table with family, who had the strength and energy of fighting with her sibling, to the one who seems to need 48 hours a day!
  • One who required just a moment to decide for an outing, to the one who has learnt to plan days in advance!

Image Seems like an entire life when people were not evaluated on the basis of number of brands they wore but on the basis of the number of friends they had! Cell phones had a black and white screen yet life was full of colourful friends. Racism and casteism was a part of another world, unknown! Friends were just a phone call away! When vada pav and veg rolls with loads of butter were dished out at tapris and gobbled daily without the worry of expanding the waist line! 😳  When ‘college fests’ were the only occasions where one needed dressing up!! When you possessed less number of watches but had loads of time for loved ones! When repeating an outfit did not really seem like a crime!! 😮 And on and on I can go…

Gosh! Life has taken a 360 degree turn and there are surprises at each end. I am not really whining about the changes but yes, there are times when I do really have a strong urge to go back to the good old carefree days.

Chalo, for the time till my wish comes true and technology blesses us with a time machine… I’ll better get back to work for now! Overtime is something I am not really ‘in’ for at the moment. And how can I forget to add, you don’t get to “bunk” offices! Alas! 😥

Oh! How I wish I could go back to the good old days….


About Shweta

An ambitious professional who loves working in a corporate as much as she loves spending time with family. Pursues writing as a passion and writes for stuff that closely touch the heart!
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4 Responses to …and how I wish I could go back to the good old days

  1. hemangfans says:

    Those were the best days of life …..


  2. rahilvora says:

    shweta…..super awesome…..made those days reminded back in.mind….
    kya super woh mausam din the na tab koi tenzion na koi commitment khali.tha ek hi lakysha enjoyment….

    friends….khana…ghumna…ghar jake sonaaa…subah college bunk aur sidha juhu jana reth aur pani ke saath maza karnA….ghar pe jab reth dikhe toh juth bolnaa ki gir gaya….n blah blah…
    woh pakda jana rona mananaa….
    kya super tension free din.the….

    thanks fr makin the whole back flash tazaa ….


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