Make the most of NOW…

                Oh boy!! One fine day, you wake up to realize your knees have started to pain, your back aches when you have travelled, you snore when you sleep, you get knackered after a hard day at work!! Life’s been getting so busy you don’t have time to realize that time is running by, you are aging by the day and there is just so much more to do. 🙄

                ImageThe only adventure I have indulged in and is worth a mention is Scuba Diving!! Exhilirating! But someone like me, I feel like patting myself and saying “girl pull up your socks!” There is so much more to explore! Treks, scaling mountains, rappelling, bungee jumping, gliding, so much more and so little time. How much ever you feel, but as time goes by, responsibilities keep on adding! And there will be many things which you will have on your pendency list which will always be more important than a trek to the nearby hill station! Life isn’t like a movie, where the actresses don’t age, they go for surprise treks fleeing from their homes and have a filthy rich man waiting for marrying them after 8 years!!! ❗

                Realize and Act! Till you are not married, go to treks with your gang of girlfriends rather than meeting at coffee shops or shopping, till you don’t have kids, go out and river raft with ur partner rather than a quite drive to Lonavala!!! Make the most of NOW, because tomorrow is a presumption and you are not sure that it’s going to arrive!!! Be charged up! Be impulsive and feel young!! Feel alive Defeat age! I know, too many quotes too soon! If you are not really an adventure person you may not find a big deal in all this and may also find it a shitty idea to dirty yourself while indulging in these activities! 😳 But, nature has been blessed with so much! That one should put his worries to rest and do try to explore! But then, also keep in mind that how much ever you do, some things are bound to be left! So feel contented when you accomplish some of the tasks nature has blesses us with! Remember, you can never undo what yesterday has already shown you! But you are very well blessed with TODAY. Make the most of it!

                There will be office the next day and you will be dead tired. There will always be loads of work to be accomplished and you will always be running at a very tight schedule. But take a breather. Let adrenaline get better of you and indulge in yourself. Take loads of pictures. Make memories that you will cherish a lifetime. Make the most of NOW!! 😎


About Shweta

An ambitious professional who loves working in a corporate as much as she loves spending time with family. Pursues writing as a passion and writes for stuff that closely touch the heart!
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15 Responses to Make the most of NOW…

  1. Tushar.Dhanwani says:

    That’s a life , but agree with u dng stupid things like gng out for coffee shop n all better go out n explore new things.😊😊


  2. rahilvora says:

    Super Dear

    SO touchy,,good Initiative

    Inspired for an outing now…

    one has to anyhow take out time for one ownself out of all busy schedule.

    Life is once meant to be lived to enjoy,

    a kolad initiated hope it goes all well…m coming…….


  3. hemangfans says:

    Nice post. Seems YJHD has left some marks on you. but i totally agree that there are many things to be done in life but not necessary to do all the things before marriage or before having kids. Some things you will enjoy with them too…


  4. rajvi says:

    awsm post..enjoy every secs.of life b4 it becomes a memory..and make the most of it so u wont regret of the things which u wanted to do when Ur in the last stage of your life..


  5. Jaya says:

    Hey nice piece of writing😀.These adventures as well many others have to tried once in life.Thanks for inspiring others….😊


  6. Dhara says:

    A classic inspiration for all. Like you I truly loved YJHD. Some moments are really for life time. And probably you need many years to get them back in Lyf agen… Blessed to have such ☺


  7. Lifts India says:

    true words nice to read post.


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