Today, I…

Today I…

  • Woke up all groggy eyed, my bed refusing to leave me
  • Wished for the nth number of time that I wouldn’t have to cook tiffin so early in the morning
  • Cooked, nonetheless; for the dread of being late for office
  • Cursed Mr. Husband for sleeping peacefully when I was in the kitchen preparing his chai
  • Rushed (mind it, not walked but ran) for the train
  • Boarded it in the nick of time and was not so pleased with the maddening crowd
  • My inner self did a somersault, yeyeye when a noble soul alighted soon and I (at least) had the place to stand comfortable.
  • Ranted and whined about how I still am hating that I had to leave the Nariman Point office and to shift to BKC
  • Got down from the The Great Mumbai Local after so much struggle and (again!) had the feeling of winning a world war!
  • World War number 2 began and this time it was the fight for autorickshaw! 
  • Reached office looking like I haven’t had sleep for the last 3 days.
  • Finally, after struggling, thanked my stars that I (atleast) reached office safely(!)
  • The rest of the day dragged on amidst the inhuman low temperature (courtesy: central cooling systems) of office! (talk about working conditions!! Even too plush ones can be uncomfortable!)
  • Grumpily finished the tasks on hand.
  • Finished it so quickly that had half of the day to myself
  • Kept staring at the computer pretending to be busy.
  • Published this blog feeling happy that I finally got something to post!
  • However duh! It might seem, it kept me busy, for say, 20 mins!
  • Staring at the computer again, thinking What Next??? 😐


ImageWell, this is how interesting a typical week day goes! (that is ONLY if I am lucky to be free of work load which is once in a blue moon!)

The one with work load is too brutal even too blog about! But I guess, any day it is better than the one today!

Free and Bored! So not ME! 


About Shweta

An ambitious professional who loves working in a corporate as much as she loves spending time with family. Pursues writing as a passion and writes for stuff that closely touch the heart!
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2 Responses to Today, I…

  1. hemangfans says:

    Now m pretty sure that ur world war is part of ur life. So don’t fight for it everyday. Just accept it and move ahead. By the way reading ur blog passed my 10 mins too. Enjoyed. Nice one.


    • LOL… OK! I exaggerated a bit! But World War is a personification of an average Mumbaikar’s life which makes all of us ‘different’! So, accepted and appreciated!
      Glad you took out 10 mins for my post! And super glad you enjoyed reading it!! 🙂


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