The World of NoMoPhoBics….!

Disclaimer: This post is not aimed for offence at anyone! It is just an attempt at humour. So just stop thinking too much and enjoy this light hearted post! P.S. You may even find yourself reminiscing excerpts from your daily life!


Have you ever come across people..

  • With headphones on, talking or laughing and look like they are possessed?
  • Looking at their mobiles and smiling like maniacs?
  • Furiously texting and punching their phones
  • Looking down at their mobiles while walking on the road and almost being hit by an advertising sign board!
  • Listening songs with headphones on, so much so that the guy behind dies honking his horn!

Well, I am sure they are available everywhere and these species are called nomophobics. For the unawares, Nomophobia is the fear of being out of mobile phone contact. The term is an abbreviation for “no-mobile-phone phobia“. You will find these species everywhere, on roads, in trains, buses, crowded places, theatres, lonely places, simply EVERYWHERE. Nomophobics, I have noticed, have below traits: (Lets call him “N”)


  • ‘N’ sleeps, wakes up, eats, goes to the loo, works , is in a movie, is at a funeral, simply has to have his phone along!
  • Forgetting cell phone at home is not an option anymore. And if ‘N’ does forget, he simply has to take a leave and rush back home! How can he forget his cell phone!! It is as good as running for work, naked!
  • ‘N’ sees a beautiful breath taking sight, instead of admiring and soaking in the beauty, he will: Take out his mobile – Click a picture – and send it to all his whatsapp contacts.
  • ‘N’ is sitting in a bus with someone known to him, instead of talking to him, he is seen interested on chatting on whatsapp
  • ‘N’ is attending a very important lecture/meeting and the mobile is on silent mode, but he has to, He JUST HAS TO check his phone every minute so that no update is missed.
  • Whilst in the lecture/meeting, if some interesting chat comes up, he excuses himself for the washroom and rushes to reply! After which, when he actually wants to go to the loo, he has to sit quietly, holding ‘it’ within, for the fear of being embarrassed.(!!)
  • ‘N’ poses for pictures eagerly. And all the poses being such that they have to meet the criteria of being the next display picture on BBM/Watsapp!
  • No more shouting or discussing anger or frustration, no more laughing heartily on a joke, no more crying when upset,  ‘N’ uses status updates for all the emotions!! The person in question has to simply understand ‘N’s emotions by what status he has  updated.
  • When the mobile battery dies due to excessive internet usage, ‘N”, if possible will go to a nearby mall and feed battery in the phone holding it like a moron and standing near it doing simply NOTHING!
  • Carrying a charger becomes more important than carrying a bottle of water in midst of summer. After all, one does not need water as much as the phone needs battery(!)
  • In case if the phone doesn’t beep every 15 mins, there is definitely something wrong with the network or the phone needs to restarted!
  • ‘N’ becomes restless when entering a ‘no-network’ zone, even if it just for an hour, but is more than happy after being out of the said zone when the phone beeps and beeps and beep (much to the nuisance of others) and accumulates all the messages of the past hour!!
  • ‘N’, on seeing someone without a Smartphone, has his heart filled with all the pity in the world, as if the person hasn’t eaten for a whole month! Just to think of it, Bichara, he is so lonely, doesn’t have whatsapp in the phone.

OK! May be I exaggerated a bit, but many of you will find these traits in yourself. PS: Because even I Do!!! I am not really proud of it, but I AM A NOMOPHOBIC *blush* 😆


About Shweta

An ambitious professional who loves working in a corporate as much as she loves spending time with family. Pursues writing as a passion and writes for stuff that closely touch the heart!
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13 Responses to The World of NoMoPhoBics….!

  1. dishA says:



  2. JK says:

    Indeed. And the flipside is, when such a person goes out of coverage, people fear his existence!

    When in city- 1 phone , 3 sim cards

    When leaving town- 2 phones, 5 sims. All active!

    Complete nomopho!


  3. Nafees says:

    garv se kaho hum NoMoPhobic hai…


  4. Tushar.Dhanwani says:

    I agree with u , majority of ppl cant resist without mobile coz its very important communication , don’t mind i don’t understand why did u post this blog, as we know all these facts n we r like a dog tails. Cant resist without mobiles , but we shud notice the points like while walking on road , crossing the road etc we shudnt put music loud, r do such thing which will result negative r harm u . Just use it like a mobile.


  5. hemangfans says:

    Nice post. I m also sailing in the same boat. I suppose technology has made us slave of them. A normal human being cannot leave without any tech gadgets be it mobile or laptop or any such equipment. We get addicted to such gadgets very easily.


  6. Dimple m ramani says:

    Nice post its true


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